Actress Isabel Torres has two months to live. On Instagram he breaks the news and says goodbye

“I’ve had a bit more bone metastasis,” says Isabel Torres. The actress said a few hours ago that this would be her last video on Instagram, because the doctors give her only two more months to live. Celebrities have reacted, including Borja Voces who asks him not to give up: “Much courage Isabel! Do not give up”. So also Esther Exposito: “I send you all my strength and support Isabel.”

Regarding the time of life that the doctors have given her, the actress says that it is to be seen if she surpasses it, and if so, it is fine, but she also affirms, with great peace and tranquility that if she does not do it, it is good that it be so, because: “Life is like that,” he asserted.

Visibly tired. With a fragile and soft voice he said goodbye to his loved ones. Family and friends whom you named one by one. The actress is saying goodbye through this publication that has already exceeded 412 thousand reproductions. “The video is for that, to tell them that I love them very much,” he added.

They don’t know what hurts me. Pain is the worst thing I have, ”said Isabel Torres. According to experts, bone metastasis occurs when cancer cells spread to the bone, however it should be noted that almost all known types of cancer can spread this way, however the most prone are breast cancer and the prostate.

“Everything has been wonderful, the radio, the TV,” says the actress. “Thank you all for everything you have done for me. That life is so beautiful and that you have to live it. Take care of yourselves very much, and we will see you soon if God wants, and if not, we will see you in heaven “, are the last words of the actress in her video. He is 52 years old.

Here the video:

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