Actress of Cuban origin Gina Romand, known for “La Rubia de Categoría,” dies at 84

After being hospitalized for several days, the death of renowned actress Gina Romand was reported on December 3.

Gina Romand, who saw Mexico as the ideal country to live and develop her career as an actress for many years, died today at the age of 84, her son Gabriel Varela reported.

The Cuban who conquered the national cinema with her talent and beauty was recognized as La Rubia de Categoría thanks to the fact that she was the image of a commercial for a well-known drink.

Gina Romand starred in the movie “Gavilán o Paloma” with José José and was considered a great soap opera villain.

“With all my pain, I say goodbye to my mother, Gina Romand, who always illuminated my life. Now she rests in peace, illuminating the sky with her eternal brightness. I will always miss you and love you forever. Rest easy, my category blonde,” wrote producer Gabriel Varela on his Twitter account .

Another of her daughters, actress Gina Varela, also announced her death and fired her with an emotional message:

“Beautiful mommy, fly high! You fought like the big ones until the end and are my light, guide, and strength. Life will be very hard without you. I love you, mommy, thank you for so much,” he wrote on his Instagram account along with an image of the most emblematic images of the Cuban.

“I’ll keep your joy of living for the love of life you always had. Thank you, mom, for being my pillar. Now you are my angel. I love you, mom, always together—my category blonde, the blonde everyone wants. I love you. I love you to infinity, my favorite person. I love you very much, so I am saying goodbye to how we always said goodbye. Go with God, my beautiful queen,” he added.

Who was Gina Romand?

Gina Romand, born on February 15, 1938, in Havana, Cuba, was considered one of the great figures of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.

The renowned actress began her career at a very young age in Cuba as a vedette and later moved to Mexico, where she managed to stand out in the movies, thanks to her beauty and talent.

Films such as ‘La mano Que Aprieta,’ the saga of the emblematic ‘Santo,’ ‘El Amor no es Como lo Pintan,’ ‘Perla’ or ‘Maximiliano y Carlota’ are some of the successful productions in which Gina Romand participated.