Acute pyelonephritis, the severe kidney infection that caused Anahi’s hospitalization and concert cancelation in Brazil

Instagram post reveals Anahi's diagnosis of a severe kidney infection following a health scare that led to a canceled concert in Brazil.

On Friday, November 17, fans erupted on social media with disturbing news about Mexican pop star Anahi. The singer was forced to pull out of an upcoming concert with Latin pop group RBD in Brazil due to health issues.

Initial reports indicated that Anahi began experiencing fever and chills while in Brazil. This led to her being rushed out of the Allianz Parque stadium in Sao Paolo and transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Leaked photographs showing the singer in severe distress further evidenced the emergency. After being admitted and undergoing medical evaluation, Anahi revealed on Instagram that doctors diagnosed her with a severe kidney infection.

“I have had several days with excruciating pain in my ribs, back, and head. Very high fever and chills. According to the blood tests and ultrasound performed, I have a severe kidney infection, a lot of inflammation and pain,” she explained.

(Instagram: @anahi)
(Instagram: @anahihi)

What Is Acute Pyelonephritis?

The specific condition afflicting Anahi is known medically as acute pyelonephritis, a severe bacterial infection of the kidney characterized by sudden onset and intense inflammation.

According to experts at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the country’s Ministry of Health, the infection often occurs when Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria travel up the urinary tract to the kidneys. The bacteria can come from the bladder or spread through the bloodstream before attacking the kidney tissue.

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Symptoms of acute pyelonephritis can vary but commonly involve:

  • High fever
  • Chills
  • Severe back and side pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • General ill feeling

Some patients also experience painful, frequent, or urgent urination. The presence of blood in the urine usually signals a severe infection.

La infección renal severa puede ser mortal de no tratarse  a tiempo oportuno 
(Foto: archivo)
Severe kidney infection can be fatal if not treated in a timely manner (Photo: file).

Serious Complications If Left Untreated

Seek immediate medical care when these symptoms appear, as the condition can lead to serious consequences if not properly treated. These include:

  • Kidney abscesses
  • Permanent kidney damage
  • Sepsis, a life-threatening systemic inflammatory response

Diagnosis often requires tests like urinalysis, bacterial cultures, ultrasound, or CT scans to pinpoint the infection site and severity.

Most patients can recover fully from acute pyelonephritis with timely, appropriate treatment guided by medical professionals. However, Anahi’s large fanbase was clearly distraught seeing the normally vibrant pop star brought low by such a severe kidney infection. Her public-spiritedness in sharing details of her medical emergency will likely help raise awareness of this condition worldwide.