Adal Ramones and the day he was sued because of Sesame Street

The recent lawsuit filed by the Fernández family against Televisa regarding the launch of the unauthorized bioseries by Vicente Fernández caused netizens to remember the time that Adal Ramones was about to have serious legal problems for including a character from Sesame Street in a controversial sketch of the extinct program Another roll.

Years ago, a short comedy segment was broadcast showing Abelardo sharing the stage with Adal, Yordi Rosado, Maurico Castillo and Consuelo Duval. However, the detail that caught our attention is that the huge and charismatic green parakeet enjoyed the double meaning jokes of his companionswhich was not to the liking of PBS.

Let us remember that PBS is a public television network in the United States and owner of the Sesame Street license, as well as all its franchises worldwide. Seeing that the character appeared in content not suitable for children, filed a lawsuit against him but Televisa reached an agreement so as not to complicate things.

TV Azteca, accused of plagiarizing the Teletubbies

TV Azteca also had legal problems because of a children’s program, only they were accused of plagiarizing the Teletubbies. Today, the actor is free from exclusivities, which has allowed him to succeed abroad.

However, this It is not the only case of legal problems between television stations and children’s programsbecause at the end of the 90’s it became known that TV Azteca was sued for having plagiarized the Teletubbies, this after Televisa won the transmission rights.

Faced with this situation, the Ajusco television station launched a show entitled TeleChobis, which had a format and design very similar to that of the characters in the children’s show. However, the project did not take long to go off the air and today it has been almost completely forgotten.

What happened to Adal Ramones?

Today, the actor is free from exclusivities, which has allowed him to succeed abroad.

as you mentioned AmericanPost.News Previously, Adrián Uribe and Adal Ramones started the ‘ChavoRucos Tour’ in the United States. However, you should know that the driver has remained in force within the world of Mexican entertainmentalthough it no longer enjoys the same popularity as before, yes, it is still loved by the public.

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