Adal Ramones attacks Poncho de Nigris by criticizing his work on TV

Nigris Poncho caused controversy by revealing that Adal Ramones had a surprised reaction when he found out that he already knew about the controversial comments he made about his work on television a few years ago during his visit to a Monterrey program.

A fragment of the broadcast of said program began to circulate through TikTok, in which we see the former owner of Another Roll attack against him by assuring that he would not be able to receive the broadcaster’s license issued by the SEP and saying he knew what his hiring was “jodid*” for Televisa Monterrey.

“If the Radio and Communication Law still existed right now where the Ministry of Public Education gives the announcer license, the boy would not pass it. I mean, what is that guy doing on TV?”, expressed the possible host of La Academia 20 Años in the program that was broadcast almost a decade ago.

Adal Ramones blocks him from Twitter

The driver and influencer from Monterrey revealed that the former Televisa star blocked him after pointing it out on Twitter. Today, the native of Monterrey has formed a beautiful family next to Marcela Mistral.

Upon learning of his statements, Marcela Mistral’s husband confronted him through your twitter account. However, he did not expect that he would end up being blocked, so he decided expose him to his followers and launch a strong threatwhich left more than one with their mouths open.

“Che cul*! Let’s see if you have the balls to say that to me face to face. I’ll see you, I’ll see you, time puts everything in its place,” he wrote. Nigris Poncho. However, some netizens pointed out to him that these statements were made almost a decade ago and there were even those who assured that he only wanted to make controversy to remain relevant.

How old is Poncho de Nigris?

Today, the native of Monterrey has formed a beautiful family next to Marcela Mistral.

Nigris Poncho was born on March 3, 1976 in Monterrey, Nuevo León and now has 46 years old. As AmericanPost.News mentioned before, the host and influencer from Monterrey has formed a beautiful family with Marcela Mistral and her three children, with whom he stars in the reality show Keeping Up With Los Denigris.

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Photographs: Social Networks