Adal Ramones claimed not to understand why they call him “chavorruco”

It was Adal Ramones who said he doesn't understand why people call him "chavorruco", as well as Adrian Uribe.

Host Adal Ramones commented in an interview that he still does not understand why people call him “chavorruco”, he said that this inspired him to name his new show.

He added that in spite of this, it does not bother him and that he has even taken it to his professional life, in this case with his new show together with comedian Adrian Uribe, which is called “Chavorrucos Tour“.

When he elaborated on the subject he said that they came up with the idea while they were in the office, since then Ramones has been sharing details of his new project through his social networks.

Would Adal Ramones be the new Chavelo?

Would the driver be the new Chavelo?

During the interview, the presenter commented that people not only call him chavorruco but also refer to him as the new Chavelo, referring to the age he is now, he added:

“I don’t know, people want to make me the second Chabelo”

Adal Ramones

Ramones added that the age issue is very present in his projects, which he said he is not worried about, only on March 10 the movie “Cuarentones” will be released, along with actors Erick Elias and Gaby Espino.

He also shared that his tour with Adrian Uribe will begin on March 4th of this year.

How old is Adam?

Adal’s age

Host Adalberto Javier Ramones Martínez, better known as Adal Ramones, is 60 years old, born on December 3, 1961, in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

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