Adal Ramones defends his daughter for receiving death threats

Adal Ramones defends his daughter after she began receiving death threats for having played “a joke” on her domestic worker.

The viral video on TikTok is a challenge and you can see Paola, Adal’s daughter, with her boyfriend, the influencer Daniel Khosravi, inciting the woman to break a wooden board with her head.

Initially, the daughter of the ex-driver of Another Roll and her boyfriend “set the example” for Rosita by simulating breaking a fictitious piece of wood, while the employee is given a real board and therefore Adal Ramones defends his daughter.

Adal Ramones defends his daughter

The criticism rose in tone for the viral video and Adal Ramones defends his daughter. And although Adal Ramones defends her daughter, he said that he also spoke with her.

After Adal’s daughter will publish the video where they hurt the womanthe reactions against the young woman were immediate, which is why now Adal Ramones defends her daughter during her meeting with the press in the play ‘José el Soñador’.

“I really do not want to delve into it because it became very strong, as people can attack a girl in a video game, that is, Paola has always been inclusive, and it became so strong for me because it seems that there were people, fortunately not all, there were people who threatened her, that’s why I say it can’t be! ”, said the former driver.

Adal added: “Where did we lose our compass? To say ‘why am I going to be offended by that?'”

Likewise, Ramones confessed that his daughter was upset by the messages against him. “She was freaked out because she said ‘dad, we laughed so much’, and part of it was speculated, it was a board, it was the same wood, they all played, she, her boyfriend, the school friend, Paola also hit the tower , that is, everyone played “

In fact, Adal considered that “they took his daughter to crucify her”, “the things that people write are not worth it, that is, it is worse, as if he were a murderer”.

Previously, even German Ortega had harsh criticism of Adal Ramones’ daughter for her viral joke.

Adal Ramones advises his daughter

And although Adal Ramones defends his daughter, he said he also spoke with her.

Adal had to talk to his daughter about the power of social media. “The only thing I told him is ‘calm down, thank God you’re not in Mexico, I don’t know what would happen if you went to a store’, but people take courage here, they don’t tell you on the street, but I say ‘ shorty, it’s something you’re going to have to learn, it’s hard, but sometimes people are hurt by other things”.

The Ramones said that “it was very hard because she is a 20-year-old girl who was playing to do it like that… it was hard!”

And it is that now that Adal Ramones defends his daughter, he stressed that he did not act in bad faith, “She is starting a new life in Los Angeles, studying film, and I tell her ‘let’s see short, your intention was to have fun and make it a father, include everyone and people took it the wrong way, but that’s the way it is, now everyone is very, very glass.”

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