Hello, baby Cayetano! At 61, Adal Ramones reveals he will have a baby boy in May

Adal discusses becoming a father at 61, shares baby's due date and name, and addresses critics during Mariano Osorio's radio show.

Adal Ramones can’t hide his excitement for the arrival of his baby in the next few weeks. During an interview, the host of “Mi Famoso y Yo” revealed the sex and name of the baby. He also gave details about when his wife Karla de la Mora might give birth and revealed his thoughts about how he feels now that he will become a father at 61 because even though he already has three children, this will be a new experience.

This Thursday, Adal went on Mariano Osorio‘s radio show, where he talked about this new facet as a father since he already has three children: Paola and Diego, the product of his relationship with Gabriela Valencia, and Cristobal, who is 3 years old and Karla de la Mora’s firstborn, 25 years older than him. During the conversation in “Hoy con Mariano,” the host and comedian showed he does not care about people’s criticism for having a baby again despite being over 60 years old.

Adal Ramones reveals the sex and name of his baby

The former host of “Otro Rollo” revealed that his baby is a boy and will be named Cayetano. He also announced that his birth is scheduled for May in a hospital in the Mexican capital. However, he does not rule out the possibility that, at some point, he will surprise them and bring it forward in a few days. “Cayetano is more or less scheduled for May 23rd in Mexico City, but the fountain could burst any day, and there is still a little more than a month to go,” said the comedian.

Adal Ramones' son will be born in May Photo: Screenshot
Adal Ramones’ son will be born in May Photo: Screenshot.

In the interview, Ramones explained that although he is not afraid of death, he is worried about seeing his children grow up and make their own lives, so now he hopes to be with his little son for a long time. “I would like to live many years. I never worry about death. It doesn’t worry me so much. It worries me a little because I want to see my children on their way. It will be more difficult to see Cayetano, who will be born in a month and a fraction, but who knows, in one of those, I will live ninety-something years”.

I hope I live a long and healthy life. If not, I don’t know what, but I hope I will be able to guide my children, which is what I would most like. I want to say, ‘I want to live ninety-something years to go to the Mariana Trench’ No, thank God, I have traveled, I have eaten in many restaurants on the other side of the world, and here, that does not attract my attention. I still have ninety-something percent to know,” explained Adal Ramones, who again responded to the criticism of becoming a father at 61.

“But my children call my attention. I was born to be a dad when people criticize you… I never see the comments. It’s a healthy thing I’ve been doing for a long time. When someone tells me: ‘Adal is that someone said, I don’t know where, how dad at 61’, I say: ‘Is that person going to keep him for me?’,’ Is that person going to educate him? Is that person going to take him to school?'” said the host, who assured everyone that he still has the energy to raise his children.

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