Adal Ramos reaches the age of 60 and says goodbye to his daughter Paola

Adal Ramones turned 60 years old, and celebrated in style, but had to say goodbye to his daughter Paola.

Adal Ramones was one of Mexico’s most iconic television hosts. His work in the Otro Rollo program was so important that he even interviewed personalities such as Birtney Spears and Back Streets Boys, among others.

However, those times are now behind him, and this December 3, 2021, he turned 60 years old.

The host who “Failed” in the theater celebrated in style to reach that number, which is very significant for him.

His birthday party

Adal Ramones' 60 years birthday party
Adal Ramones turned 60

Through his official Instagram account, the presenter shared some images of his 60th birthday, which he celebrated with his family.

The actor also celebrated with a cinematic-style party, with a marquee with his name and decorations alluding to the world of cinema.

Adal Ramones says goodbye to his daughter Paola

Adal Ramones' daughter
His daughter is going to study cinema

The party was double because they celebrated Ramones’ birthday and the fact that the 20-year-old Paola is going to live in the United States to study film directing.

That’s why Adal’s party also had this concept since one of the cakes was to dedicate a few words to the young Paola, who, by the way, showed off her boyfriend, and they assured her that he looked just like her dad.

After revealing that he turned 60, Adal Ramones received hundreds of comments from fans, who claim he is a swallower of years since he doesn’t look like a 60-year-old person to them.