Adamari López appears showing off her waist

  • Adamari López appears showing off her incredible body
  • You can see her waist with that fuchsia dress
  • Followers affirm that the Puerto Rican had surgery

It looks spectacular: The host Adamari López surprises in social networks when she appears wearing a tremendous waist in a fitted fuchsia dress, however followers of Today They began to criticize her, asking her what was the name of the surgeon who operated on her, while others are fed up, arguing that they “are already tired” with so many publications of the Puerto Rican.

It was a few months ago when the news was released that Adamari López, one of the conductors most loved by the Hispanic public, had ended her relationship with the Spanish dancer, Toni Costa, with whom she had a daughter named Alaia, in the middle of All that controversy, where many assure that their separation was false, the Puerto Rican has begun to look stunning through social networks.

Show off your waist in a fuchsia dress

Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist
PHOTO: Instagram

Through the program’s official Instagram account Today, Adamari López surprised all her followers by appearing in a dress, which made the driver’s waist stand out even more, as well as her body, which every day looks thinner and more slender, causing endless reactions in this regard.

In the photograph, which was shared on July 30, it is possible to see the ex of Toni Costa wearing a fuchsia pink dress, which was tighter in the part of the waist, causing the body of Adamari López to be He looked slimmer and more curvilinear, while the driver kept her arms in the air, and he seemed to look almost like in his younger years.

Adamari López surprises with a waistband

Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist
PHOTO: Instagram

At the bottom of the photograph, which already contains more than 25 thousand likes, the program of the Telemundo wrote the following, stating that the beloved “short” was in the Dominican Republic: “WEPA! @adamarilopez reporting from the Dominican Republic to bring us the exclusive interview with Los Montaner 🇩🇴 Only on #hoyDia! “

At the back of where Adamari López was located you could see a kind of square, and right in the middle was a large cathedral, providing the perfect panorama to Adamari López’s visit to the hometown of the merengue singer-songwriter, Johnny Ventura, who died on last July 28.

She does not get tired of showing off her waist: Adamari López appears in Hoy Día’s stories

Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist
PHOTO: Instagram

On the other hand, it was also through the Instagram stories of the program’s account, where once again Adamari López surprised with a tremendous waist. In the photograph, which are erased after 24 hours, it is possible to observe the Puerto Rican wearing a fitted sky blue dress, which further highlighted her slender and new figure, which with hard exercise and good nutrition she managed to achieve.

This “new image” of Adamari has caused many followers and non-followers of the program to be delighted with the beauty that the Puerto Rican possesses, causing endless compliments for Toni Costa’s ex, however, other users believe that she really is operated and that her image change is not due to exercise.

Was it operated? Followers react to Adamari López’s waist in fuchsia dress

Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist
PHOTO: Instagram

Various comments began to arrive at the photograph of Adamari López showing off her waist in a fuchsia dress, where opinions were beginning to divide. Some argued that it looked incredible, while others implied that this body was the product of surgery:

A follower openly wrote: “Someone tell me the name of the surgeon please”, “The surgeon did the bariatric surgery”, “Hahaha, everything has been achieved by lifting the weight in the garage of the house HAHAJ”, “Yes he operated , My sister has been on diet and exercise for 6 months and she has only lost 16 pounds, and in less than a year she has already lost 30 pounds HAHA “,” Super yes, it is well known that it was surgery, that is not normal in a timely manner ” .

“They are already bored with her”

Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist
PHOTO: Instagram

Other users commented that “they were already bored” with so many publications by Adamari López: “We already know that she lost weight, that she is beautiful, but they no longer stain, every day they are boring” wrote a follower in the photograph of the Puerto Rican showing off her waist in a colored dress fuchsia.

More comments could be read, where opinions began to divide regarding the Puerto Rican: “Nobody cares, my republic is in mourning”, “That Adamari, enjoy my country, blessings from above”, “That color It is beautiful and you look very happy ”,“ You are very beautiful, success for you ”,“ What a beautiful color and the little princess who is wearing it, blessings my beauty ”, she is a very beautiful woman, I love her energy”, you could read between the comments.

Despite looking better than ever, they ask Adamari López about her stomach surgery

PHOTO: Mezcalent

It seems that her separation from the Spanish choreographer and dancer Toni Costa, after more than 10 years together, has sat wonderfully with the Puerto Rican actress and host Adamari López, since she looks better than ever, but the critics are still present and even ask her for his stomach surgery.

Through the social networks of the Hoy Día de Telemundo program, where the Puerto Rican is one of the conductors, an image was shared that provoked reactions of all kinds among users, because while some were delighted with her beauty, others simply destroyed her. FILED AS: Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist

“He has short and full arms,” ​​they tell the driver

PHOTO: Instagram

“Divina Adamari López with all the attitude of ‘juernes’. How many hearts?

But when no one expected it, a person made the following comment: “Give us information about the stomach surgery, please, because you look magnificent”, while someone else said: “I keep insisting, the sleeves don’t fit well, she has arms short and full ”. FILED AS: Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist

They say she wants to be alone

PHOTO: Instagram

The comments continued to increase in intensity towards Adamari López, even assuring that, despite looking beautiful, she has already started with menopause and “that’s why she wants to be alone”, although someone else commented that she is ready for “a new heartthrob”. FILED AS: Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist

For his part, one person made the following observation: “You are very beautiful, but every day with flights in any style you no longer show your beautiful body in which you have worked so much” and someone else said: “At last they dress her according to their age and not in tacky dresses ”.

“You can already see in his face his 50 years over”

PHOTO: Instagram

In another image in which she appears with La Chiquibaby, who is a few weeks away from becoming a mother for the first time, Adamari López demonstrates once again the incredible physical transformation she has had in a few months to date. FILED AS: Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist

Despite this, the criticism continued to be present by several users: “Adamari is skinny, but her face is already over 50 years old”, “How boring, the same as always, Ada with her little dresses of baby, I already don’t like her “,” Adamari, I already hit her, I mean, if she’s a Telemundo member, since I took out other actresses, she’s gone out of style. It’s already boring ”.

“Divorce suits him very well,” they tell him

PHOTO: Instagram

It was at the end of May when the couple formed by Adamari López and Toni Costa announced on their respective social networks their separation after more than 10 years of being together, which took many by surprise, and when it was thought that a reconciliation could take place, this has not happened so far.

And after this photo was shared on the official Instagram account of the Hoy Día program, the comments were soon present for the Puerto Rican: “The divorce suits her very well,” “On the outside she’s getting pretty. But inside only she knows it. ” FILED AS: Adamari López appears in a dress showing off her waist

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