Adamari López appears with a handsome man while Toni Costa dancer

  • Toni Costa and Adamari López found very good consolations after their separation
  • Within weeks of their breakup, the two are seen with very attractive people
  • Adamari López with a handsome gallant and Toni Costa with a very sexy dancer

Mijos and mijas friends of the CHACHA, their little comadrita is back and after a very busy week, here I have today’s gossip with Adamari López and Toni Costa appearing in good company and continuing with their lives after the hard separation; Come on, the two appear with a man and a woman respectively, very fancy and here I tell you who they are.

Well, my friends, no need to cry to this couple if they are already doing more than well after shocking us with their separation for several weeks and while that precious short woman empowers us today with a slimmer body and disheveled dresses, now she also appeared with a handsome hunk.

Toni Costa and Adamari López are ‘comforting’ themselves with very good companies

Toni Costa appears with a dancer
Instagram: Univision Famosos

It turns out that she is not alone, because her ex, Toni Costa, is already on a trip, teaching, as a businessman and as a father dedicated to Alaïa with thousands of activities that keep him very busy not to think about his break with Adamari López and then The two of them have already passed that storm of pain millets and they showed it recently.

Here I am going to have the donkey’s hair in my hand as usual, with photo and video evidence that people could not miss to comment and say if the two are already in their role as conquerors with new partners or suitors, but Let’s start with the Spanish dancer first.

A beautiful woman appeared very close to Toni Costa

The mysterious woman leaves him a message

It was on the Instagram of ‘Univisión Famosos’ where I almost fell out of bed with a video that millets published, because my Toni Costa already see that he is in Spain and then to distract himself and walk Alaïa but it turns out that he also took the opportunity to meet a mysterious pretty pretty woman by the way.

I was shocked because she looked very happy and aware of the girl who, incidentally, was commenting on messages to Toni Costa and in a photograph she put: “I love you to infinity and beyond”, and I was alarmed doing the inquiries excited to to investigate about her and where she came from and that I discover that she is a dancer too.

Adamari López is in her best moment, with everything and the separation

Adamari López slim

While I was alarmed looking for information about the beautiful little woman with Toni Costa and discovered the unthinkable, because I also got photos of my most regal and powerful Adamari López in a great dress and a great body and face and leg … That short girl is at her peak and best moment.

We would already like many mijas to be like my Adamari with that security and that desire to move forward with so much joy and with the desire to get men everywhere … It seems that that wish is going to be granted soon because more and more is surrounded by gallants and If you don’t believe me, take a breath and get ready to see a very compromising photo.

Adamari López ‘consoled’ with a gallant

Mysterious man Adamari López
Instagram: Today

Well, just see the picture that these mijitos were uploaded and it is about my boy Frederik Oldenburg, commentator and sports presenter of Telemundo and come on, who came out very next to my Adamari López in an image posted on the Instagram of ‘Hoy Día’ and I was surprised and hurt at the same time.

Surprised because my baby looked beautiful in that blue dress and because no one takes that smile off her and hurt because she looks better with that little boy of Frederik than with Toni Costa and although we know that they are only colleagues from Telemundo, because people began to enjoy on the couple millets …

People were fascinated with ‘the new partner’ of Adamari López

Adamari López dress

People were eating them both because they were a very pretty ‘couple’, although from now on I tell them that they are co-workers, although they do indeed look very good together, millets and well, the hopes that Adamari López will return with Toni Costa dissipate more and more and then having these fellow television stations because the temptation is hard:

“They make a good couple, he’s handsome”, “He’s handsome but he looks much younger than her”, “That’s what she likes”, “How beautiful both of them”, “Beautiful … they make a good couple upa !!”, “Very together I hope they are only friends from work because her ex loved her always gave her his place”, “They look cute if they were a couple! So my Adamari deserves a man ”,“ Nice color of dress, and very handsome photo companion ”, put the people.

‘Mystery is discovered’ of the woman who went out with Toni Costa

The dancer turned out to be the sister of Toni Costa

Well, the people heated up with that beautiful photo of Adamari López with that heartthrob and I devastated looking for information about the woman who appears in the video and go ahead and discover that she is neither more nor less than his sister! So they can get some rest from Toni Costa having a ‘romance’.

At least that he goes out secretly with someone we haven’t even met but I don’t think … Note that he was on a trip to Spain, if not, there is still and then he took a walk through a dance academy and there he introduced us to his beautiful sister who is also a dancer and is very beautiful mijos …

Toni Costa’s relationship with his sister is very beautiful

The brothers support each other

“It’s me, my brother is more handsome than me, that’s why I have to fix myself,” says my girl, Toni Costa’s sister, while she presumes that the dancer visited her in a dance academy … Toni’s sister is called Lorena and is Older than him and very pretty millets and you can easily see that they get along very well.

“People do not know you and here is my sister”, says Toni Costa recording it and she posing, says very nice in a fitted black dress: “He is more handsome than me so I had to dress up today to see if I look like him ”, Expresses the dancer while very happy the ex of Adamari López makes faces. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF TONI COSTA WITH HIS SISTER

People continue to express themselves very well about Toni Costa

Toni Costa fascinated with his sister

The truth is that people continue to be very attached to the love they feel for Toni Costa with everything and the break with my Adamari López, because in the video millets, many very good comments were received from him: “Well, I would say that more Toni his achievements his work and he has many other qualities and you can see that he is a humble man and I wish him all the luck in the world ”.

“The two beautiful brothers”, “The two very beautiful”, “How beautiful the two beautiful sister”, “How beautiful”, “They are beautiful we are going to dance Tony jujujujuy with your sister”, “The two are beautiful each with their style but Toni for you I wish you a world full of many projects and many good things you deserve you are a great human being you deserve all the happiness in the world life goes on and when something comes out of your life it is because something better has you prepared and it will be this way to shut the mouth of that group of envious people who have wanted to hurt you ”, expressed more people.

Adamari López and her ex, will they not return?

Beautiful Spanish sister

The fact is that I do not think that either of the two young children are ready for a relationship and more considering that they lasted 10 years together so I do not think (and God forbid I am wrong) that we will soon see them with new partners, although they never say never millets, that in the artistic environment it is not known.

Anyway, so far with today’s gossip, I wish you all have the best time, that you continue to take care that the pandemic does not end and that God bless me in style … Read, share and think that I always like it have interaction with you millets. Bye bye, LA CHACHA wants you!

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