Adamari López celebrates Thanksgiving in style and Toni Costa is one of his guests

Adamari Lopez As every year, he surprises his followers with his great parties that he offers for his closest friends, and this Thanksgiving Day has not been the exception since he has used an entire production to leave his sensational table and invite his closest friends, among who is your ex partner Toni Costa.

And it is that both despite having announced their separation 6 months ago, they have reached an agreement to continue maintaining a friendly relationship and it is very normal to see them go out with their daughter Alaïa to enjoy vacations, for school events or to spend a holiday together as a family.

But now that they are a few days away from going on stage together in the dance reality show “This is how you dance”It seems that the friendship is still firm because now it is that their Instagram stories that they are spending Thanksgiving together have betrayed them.

And it is that the Puerto Rican has shared part of what has been the decoration of her table and some details of her dishes and other details that will surely make the celebration even more phenomenal, and then share how a couple of friends were in her kitchen cutting turkey and other foods, just before serving dinner.

But for the The surprise of many is that the dancer and choreographer has also shared the same story in his official account, thus confirming that they are together on this special day.

The fans of course have been happy about this detail and have been happy to see that although they have not understood each other in the romance plane they can still take the time to live together healthily with their relatives and their little daughter.

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