Adamari López confesses that she is not ready for a new love yet

Adamari López, one of the public’s spoiled presenters revealed that after her marriage with Toni Costa ended, she still not ready to have a new love.

The Puerto Rican host, acknowledged in an interview with the site E! Online that at the moment, is not looking for a new partner
, although he did not rule out that his heart is closed to a new relationship.

Adamari López wants to take time alone

The famous 50-year-old said it will take time for her to have a partner again, as at the moment she is focused on her career and her little daughter Alaïa, 6 years old, whom she had during her marriage to Toni Costa.

I don’t think this is the time. There is a moment of learning, there is a moment of growth “confessed the Puerto Rican driver.

“I sometimes ask myself a lot of questions and I think that until I solve many of those things, I am not focused on anything other than being well“Said Adamari López in an interview with the aforementioned media.

But, López also did not rule out that he could fall in love in the future, he even commented on how he would like his new love relationship to be, since he still has the hope of a love for life.

You want a stable partner

“I would like to have a life as a couple in the future, where there is stability, where there is enjoyment of company, of looking towards a future together, as something more stable and I think there are still things to learn because, well, I have not It went very well, “said the pretty driver.

And is that the end of the marriage between Adamari López and Toni Costa shook the worldThis year is about to end, neither of the two celebrities have revealed the reason, however, they have maintained a good relationship for the sake of their daughter Alaïa.

The couple was married for around 10 years, but unfortunately this 2021 came to an end.

Before his marriage to Toni Costa, Adamari López was married to the Puerto Rican singer Luis FonsiBut that bond lasted just four years.

Now, Adamari López enjoys her career as a presenter and is dedicated to her daughter.

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