Adamari López face Today, she does look 50 years old without makeup (VIDEO)

  • ‘The true face’ of Adamari López is finally revealed
  • The same host of ‘Hoy Día’ showed off at 50 with her real face
  • And it is that makeup works miracles with everything and that it took years off by losing weight

In recent years, Adamari López has struggled to have her face more stylized and of course her body has shown a lot of work through exercise and discipline thanks to the challenge that she set to lose the extra pounds and that she has achieved with great success, and that The change made him look younger and with many years less than 50, but now the host of Hoy Día ‘has transformed’.

Since she has been a judge of the reality show ‘Así se Baila’, the outfits she uses and the way she is dressed, Adamari López caused a sensation with her look as a 30-year-old woman, twenty less than she actually has and the Makeup largely ‘works miracles’ on Toni Costa‘s ex.

Adamari López’s face is tricked by makeup?

Instagram: Adamari López

In Hoy Día and in Así se Baila, the Puerto Rican enjoys her best moment of life, healthy and single, indulging her daughter Alaïa and healing her love wounds with her ex-partner Toni Costa with whom she will close the cycle by dancing tango again. like the first time they met and conquered each other.

However, if because she is thin or because she is fat, or because she has ‘tricks’ to look better, people always seem to be on the lookout for her and criticize her at the slightest provocation, however, it is important to say that on this occasion, it was Adamari López herself, who with her face showed that she is not afraid to see her age washed up.

With a washed face, Adamari López’s face does appear to be 50 years old

The Puerto Rican showed off her face without makeup on Hoy Día

Although she always looks perfectly combed, made up and dressed, Adamari López does not have a problem making the knowledge of people, who has 50 years of very well lived and that all women could take her as inspiration to lose weight and get ready and look spectacular like her.

Therefore, on this occasion, through a TikTok video, the host of ‘Hoy Día’ showed her transformation into a small transition where first she looks like a washed face without makeup, and then changes to a young woman who looks 30 years and with the help of her stylists.

The face of the host of ‘Hoy Día’ caused a commotion when she was seen without makeup

Today's host without face makeup

Wait a minute, who are You? (Excuse me a minute, who are you?) ”, Is what can be heard in the video of Adamari López making a close up of her face with dark circles, wrinkles, shine, pimples and the imperfections typical of an ordinary person, which makes her look more empathetic with all her followers.

However, she instantly changes from ‘her true face’ to that of a reality show judge and host of ‘Hoy Día’ where she always has to look presentable, impeccable and regal with a lot of makeup that takes many years off her and makes her look like a spectacular model.

People are amazed by the change of Adamari López and her face

Adamari López face without makeup

After showing her ‘true face’, Adamari López can be seen wearing mascara, perfectly combed, made up like a porcelain doll, with a pink lipstick, shades of the same tone, a kind of sparkle above her outlined eyebrows and an elegant necklace that gave a tone of distinction.

People commented: “For being 50 years old and having survived cancer, she looks great, very beautiful … many only put comments to lower the self-esteem of others but they already saw themselves in the mirror?”, “There are women who criticize it is that she She is not 20 and for her age she is better than anyone ”,“ Even her neck has changed ”,“ What the makeup does ”,“ OMG but it does look old but the makeup improves it ”,“ You can’t on the neck hide age ”,“ Wow, you are old without makeup ”,“ Without makeup she looks older, it’s incredible what makeup does ”, people assured.

The Hoy Día drivers’ meeting that caught people’s attention

Today's Puerto Rican driver face without makeup

After the abrupt departure of Rashel Díaz and Héctor Sandarti in the last stage of the now-defunct ‘Un Nuevo Día’, people were furious with Telemundo’s decision, however, now that the Mexican successfully hosted ‘La Casa de los Famosos ‘, could it be that he returned to the morning’ Hoy Día ‘with his partner and friend Adamari López? Some photos raise suspicions.

And it is that people have cried out for both Sandarti and Rashel to return to ‘Hoy Día’ although the new stage of what was ‘A New Day’ is more informative and newsy than entertainment, but the changes to the show have not raised the audience and could Telemundo reconsider and re-integrate the Mexican to the morning? HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF HOW ADAMARI LÓPEZ LOOKS WITHOUT MAKEUP

‘Hoy Día’ faces changes. Would Héctor Sandarti return?

Héctor Sandarti joins 'Hoy Día'

After several production members were changed a few weeks ago, it was said that the ‘Hoy Día’ show would continue with more modifications, although it was never specified if the drivers would remain the same on screen, would it be possible for Héctor Sandarti to integrate ?

Through the program’s Instagram account, you can see a meeting that the host of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ had with his former colleagues Adamari López, Chiquibaby and Frederik Oldenburg, very happy in what seems to be the residence of the former de Toni Costa, because at the bottom of the garden there is a dollhouse like Alaïa’s.

The images confirm suspicions of Héctor Sandarti with Adamari López. And Hoy Día?

Héctor Sandarti with Adamari López from Hoy Día

In the Instagram account of ‘Hoy Día’ you can see an unexpected photo of the reunion of Héctor Sandarti with his old program companions and they pose very happy while the description reads: “@chiquibabyla: The true“ house of the famous ” @hectorsandarti @ adamarilopez @ fredefutbol #losamo #chiquibabyla ”, Chiquibaby wrote.

As if they had agreed, Héctor Sandarti and Chiquibaby wear shirts and pants in blue and brown tones, while Adamari López and Frederik Oldenburg wear navy blue with gray and white, in an image that is very aesthetic and, above all, unexpected for fans of the four of them.

Are they reunited for work reasons? Today’s Drivers meet with Héctor Sandarti

Could it be that the Mexican joins the program?

At the first image of the four Telemundo hosts, the wishes of the viewers were expressed and they asked that Héctor Sandarti return to the program together with Adamari López and Chiquibaby: “Hopefully they will hire Sandarti again”, “Hopefully and Sandarti returns to Hoy Día ! ”,“ Sandarti you must return to the Hoy Día show ”,“ What a good reunion… Rachel and chef James are missing ”.

And it is that the compliments for the four drivers and friends, did not wait, because the outfits they used filled them with compliments: “All beautiful but that spectacular Adamari beautiful blessings”, “Chiquibaby does not even seem to have just given birth looks spectacular” , “Beautiful 4”, “Oh no, I want you, please, that Sandarti returns to the program”, “It’s good that Adamari also invited Héctor Sandarti and Frederic.”

Does Héctor Sandarti give a chance that he could return to ‘Hoy Día’ with Adamari López?

Chiquibaby and Adamari López with Héctor Sandarti ¿Hoy Día?

While the speculations of the people were present, Héctor Sandarti published more images of the special meeting with his friends from ‘Hoy Día’, leaving the possibility that he would enjoy returning to drive in the morning, because in group photos, very smiling he wrote: ” Finally in Miami !!!! Enjoying my dear friends from @hoydia. Long time no see but love is intact. I love you all !! ”, he expressed.

“You are the soul of that program, you should return”, “How beautiful that they meet again… you should never have left the program but although it is true that the best is always yet to come and confirmed and proven, you scored a goal with ‘La Casa de Los Famosos’ “,” Rashel and chef James are missing “,” We want Sandarti in Hoy Día !! “

Would ‘Hoy Día’ benefit from the return of Héctor Sandarti?

Héctor Sandarti saw his friends from Hoy Día

The body of Adamari López and less pounds that she has lost during this entire transformation process since the end of 2020 to date, is a product of discipline and training, but also of the desire that the host of ‘Hoy Día’ has to be in his best moment at 50 years of age.

Through ‘People in Spanish’, it is finally revealed how many pounds Adamari López has managed to lose in her fight against the scale, which for years disturbed her and more because of the criticism received from people who branded her that It was not known to dress, in addition to not discarding the accumulated fat. Some images of this note come from this and this videos.

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