Adamari López great body transparent white dress Jacky Bracamontes

  • Adamari López managed to overshadow Jacky Bracamontes with everything and her former beauty queen’s porter and her height
  • The Puerto Rican appeared in Hoy Día with a transparent white dress that showed her great body
  • At 50, Adamari López looks better than ever and being single suited her wonderfully

Adamari López boasted a tremendous body and image transformation with her most recent appearance in ‘Hoy Día’ and even Jacky Bracamontes ended up overshadowed with everything and her demeanor as a former beauty queen, as she was a guest and next to the short ‘she had no more remedy ‘rather than surrender to the charms of Toni Costa’s ex.


Through the Instagram account of ‘Hoy Día’, photographs, videos and moments of the guests in the program are shown, and this time it was Jacky Bracamontes‘s turn to be next to Adamari López without expecting that the eyes would be completely directed his colleague, soap operas and driving.

Adamari López boasts a tremendous body in a transparent white dress in Hoy Día

Adamari López overshadowed Jacky Bracamontes
Instagram: Today

In recent days, Adamari López managed to capture the attention of the followers of ‘Hoy Día’ for his way of dressing and is that before the new stage of the morning, they criticized that ‘his worst enemy’ was the wardrobe, putting outfits that far to benefit her, they hurt her and caused her to be the mockery of the people.

Now, with colorful dresses, makeup according to her face and skin, as well as the security that has given her having a diet for several months now and hard workouts that made her lose many pounds, Adamari López decided to make an impact and did not left overshadowed and ended up looking more imposing than Jacky Bracamontes.

The transparent white dress that has everyone talking about Adamari López in Hoy Día

Adamari López in Hoy Día with a white dress

Nobody expected that next to Jacky Bracamontes, the host of Hoy Día, Adamari López would cause such a sensation that it would end up overshadowing the former beauty queen when she served as a guest and that is that a transparent white dress was the ‘culprit’ of her taking the reflectors.

In the photograph posted on the Instagram of ‘Hoy Día’, Adamari López appears posing very imposing with her loose and straight hair while her straight arms rest on the side of a white dress tight to the Puerto Rican’s slim body and tied by the neck and the The back gave it a striking touch of elegance and finesse.

Jacky Bracamontes could not against the body and beauty of Adamari López

Jacky Bracamontes overshadowed in Hoy Día

While Adamari López made an impact with a sexy transparent white dress close to the body, her friend and colleague Jacky Bracamontes put on an elegant one with a black print and white ruffles with an asymmetric cut at the top and a black belt that stylized her slim silhouette.

Blonde and with curlers, Jacky Bracamontes decided to pose with Adamari López with her mouth open and smiling sympathetically to show that there was no competition between them, but unfortunately she was overshadowed by the beauty of the Puerto Rican: “Our mood in a photo. we had a #hoyDia with @jackybrv as a special guest! They wrote the description of the photo.

People’s comments benefited Adamari López over Jacky Bracamontes

Adamari López in Hoy Día

The comments of the people for Adamari López and Jacky Bracamontes in the beautiful Instagram postcard, appeared: “That dress is beautiful, do not wear more dresses with flights”, “Ada, that type of wardrobe if it favors you. !!!”, “These dresses are really good for you”, “So if you look good, you have to show your lines, that’s why you reduced to show off, not those little girl dresses scolded.”

“She finally put on a dress that looks good on her !!” . You can already see the effect of the gastric sleeve “,” How beautiful Jacky looks too “,” Leave those dresses that do look beautiful, “commented more people

The body of Adamari López is already as slender as that of Jacky Bracamontes?

Jacky Bracamontes overshadowed in Hoy Día

Adamari López boasts a slimmer body; The point of the Puerto Rican in her exercise and eating routine is reaching its ‘maximum’ point and in a photograph dressed in black with pants and a blouse it shows, which caused an impact on the public of her program ‘Hoy Día’ .

For months the rumors that Adamari López would be undergoing cosmetic procedures to reduce her weight have flooded the entertainment sites, as she accepted a health challenge with the famous presenter Oprah, but ‘the bad tongues’ indicated that it was not ‘natural’ with exercise and food, but with surgeries.

Adamari López boasts an increasingly thin body

Adamari López body

The peak moment of Adamari López’s body is coming, or is it over? In the outfits that she uses for Hoy Día, mostly dresses, the Puerto Rican has hit the perfect image to show her ‘new stage’ of life as a result of her separation with Toni Costa months ago.

Now, a fairly simple tight-fitting black pants, combined with a black heart-shaped top and a belt, caused Adamari López’s body to look almost skeletal, nothing to do with the pounds she proved to have in 2020 when her transformation began. .

Almost in the bones?

Slim body

In her most recent photo for ‘Hoy Día’, the Puerto Rican silenced all those who said she could not lose weight, because with something elegant and simple she got her most successful photograph and her slimmest body slapping those with a white glove who criticized her for years since she recovered from cancer.

Her slimmer arms, her streamlined face, her defined hips, her shapely legs and her overall sharper body, Adamari López triumphed in the best way causing people to applaud her perseverance and dedication to a healthier lifestyle. .

People were shocked with Adamari López thin

Conductor Today Day body

People responded to the effort of Adamari López and in the Instagram photo of ‘Hoy Día’ they commented: “She was the soap opera girl again, skinny and smiling, brave for her”, “That scandalously beautiful look, she looks luxurious” , “Waoooo what a change … now she looks much younger”, “How beautiful, I love the results of a healthy life and exercise. Ada I want to have your will power ”.

And they continued: “How thin, beautiful, I congratulate you, they should all be like Ada, who knows she wants it”, “Waoooo !! How beautiful, God bless you, they all look beautiful on you but this one-piece surpassed the other costumes, in my opinion ”,“ Spectacularly beautiful with that look ”,“ You are beautiful ”,“ You look very pretty ”,“ But how beautiful ” .

Are you already too thin? With spectacular body

Adamari López slim body

In another recent look by Adamari López in Hoy Día, she wore a pink thong dress that had ruffles everywhere and made her look like a doll under 30 years old, however her waist was the center of attention because it has managed to reduce it from obvious way.

People were interested in the change and said: “What a beautiful dress. And with your presence it is more beautiful. Blessings for you and your princess ”,“ You can see that she reached the maximum level of weight loss… good ”,“ Everything looks good on her ”,“ That hairstyle you look pretty and with those clothes I like more ”,“ Wow, beautiful ”,“ In a few more weeks we will see the comments that she is very skinny… because that’s the way people are, remember this comment ”.

Thinner and exaggerated? At 50 does he seem less than 30 years old?

Do Admari López and Nacho Lozano have a relationship?
PHOTO: Instagram

Is she too flirtatious? The host Adamari López appears cheating on a member of the program’s team Today, and his partner, Nacho Lozano “gets jealous”, and the spoiled little girl quickly goes to comfort him and fill him with himself, making the comments grow even more that both would look very good if they were a couple.

It is known that Adamari López is one of the Hispanic conductors most loved by the public, and it is that the beautiful Puerto Rican has managed to win the hearts of many of her viewers, who are delighted with the beauty and charisma that Toni Costa’s ex possesses However, it has been that same charisma that has provoked several reactions in this regard. Some images of this note come from this and this videos

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