Adamari López, Mariana Seoane and Cristián de la Fuente: “We have the most difficult part, we will be empathetic”

Adamari López, Mariana Seoane and Cristián de la Fuente are the three judges of ‘This is how you dance’, but some very special, because the three participated in the past of dance reality shows and they know what it feels like, and that is why they assure that: “We know that we have the hardest part, but we will be empathetic“.

In a fun and revealing interview with them, the three of them talk about what they are looking for, what they would not forgive, the happiness of not having to represent a personality and the promise that they will be ‘tripolar’.

-How are you going to do as judges?
Cristián de la Fuente: Typolar …

Mariana Seoane: Yes.

Adamari López: I believe that we are going to be generous with the dancers, with those who appear on the dance floor, our dancers from ´Así se Baila´, and we will also be strong at the same time … We want people who are strong, who are committed to the project, have fun, because we also want to have fun with them and I think, as Cristián says, we are going to be tripolarDepending on how that artist, that dancer is now on the dance floor, we will behave according to what they give us.

-The famous are going to dance with someone important to them, they are not professional, this makes them feel more sheltered on the one hand, but on the other they feel more exposed. What are they going to take into account in this so different?
Mariana Seoane: We are going to evaluate everything, we need to see an evolution every day, that they give their maximum. We have to be 100% empathetic with them without a doubt, because in the first place there is no professional dancer, we have been competing too, we know everything that happens when you are on the track, and we want that: that there is the commitment. I feel that our criticism will make it very constructive, we have to be demanding as the program also progresses, because they will also have a certainty, but the incredible thing here is that we do not have a script, we will be totally authentic, what we see there, we are going to comment on it and the public is going to enjoy it very much because there is no bad or demanding judge.

Cristián de la Fuente: What Mariana said is very true, she said a key word, constructive, and there are times that we are going to be constructive with love, and there are times that we have to be hard to be constructive And that is why this program is different, it is different because there is no hard judge here, there are no personalities, we’re all dance show survivors, where we know what we have lived and what they are going to live and that’s why no one is going to come to destroyWe are going to build for them to improve week by week and have fun. At the end of the day this is a party, here at Telemundo we want to have fun, too much news and tragedy and COVID … We want to dance, we want to bring joy through the screens of Telemundo to all the people in their houses and that they make you want to dance too.

-You 3 are survivors of this type of contest, what are you looking at when you know what it is to be on the other side?
Adamari López: We want to see how you can solve a difficult situation that may arise, they are somehow exposed, more vulnerable, because they have chosen people who are valuable or important to them or who they trust, but when it comes to dancing, who is going to save whom, who is going to take the reins in the event of a mistake, and how are they going to get ahead … I also want to see that complicity, that they know how to support each other and that they can come out gracefully, in the event that there is something that stumbles them on the track, and that regardless of what it is, they can finish their choreography, they can finish with a smile, maybe end up giving each other a hug, and make us excited about the way they solve that situation in which they face. I think we are all going to want to see that, because that means that there is a commitment and that the person they chose to dance was the correct one.

Mariana Seoane: We want to see strength too, we don’t just want to see what one is looking for: technique, coordination, we already know that, but seeing that energy, that strength on stage, surrender, have fun, that’s what it’s all about. Here we really want the public to have fun the way we are going to have fun. We expect a great show, we have not seen anything, because we want to be surprised as well as the public.

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They are part of ‘Así se Baila’. Photos: Telemundo

-We talk a lot about fun, but you are in front of artists used to seeking perfection in their scenes, their songs … Do you think that allows you to enjoy? What will you do as judges so that you can?
Cristián de la Fuente: At the end of the day we do not have to forget that it is a competition, Although you have to have fun and everything, it is a competition that will have a winning couple, and that he has a prize, and everyone is going to fight for it. Obviously everyone wants it to be perfect, everyone wants to do their best and they are going to have a hard time, what it says.

Adamari López: How are they going to solve it? How are they going to fix all that to be able to make a perfection out of an imperfection?… Now, perfection does not exist and perfection will be different for all 3So the important thing is that they take that pressure off to win a little and have fun, I think that’s the most important thing.

Mariana Seoane: I remember when I was in these competitions, that I believe that there are people who can control their nerves a little more than others, there will always be that load of nerves and I think it is one of the things that we will also qualifyIt is that control within what is possible of the nerve, to solve, to do and that sometimes there are errors that are not noticed, everything will happen to us, we want to be dear judges, because all the artists who are there have many , the public is fundamental in this program, we are going to give criticism, but the really important vote is that of the public.

Adamari López: That nerve is also great, because it means that there is a commitment and who want to provide the best for the public and want to provide the best for us judgesSo I think it’s going to be wonderful, that they can experience having those nerves, go out to control them, and have fun and dance on the ´Así se Baila´ floor.

More couples in 'Así se Baila'
More couples in ‘Así se Baila’. Photo: Telemundo

-What would they not forgive as judges?
Adamari López: Let them give up, make a mistake and stop dancing, say: “stop, let’s do it again” … They have to solve, I want to see how they are going to get ahead and how they are going to surrenderregardless of what happens.

Mariana Seoane: The attitude on the track, never forget that you have to smile, that you have to have that energy, I feel that the attitude with which you enter that track is going to mark a lot, and we are going to judge that too… If you see someone fearful, super serious, we always want someone who has a great time. It is difficult to be judging, but it is also our job, we had to be on this side, there will be times when fans will say: “No, why did he say that if I loved it” … We know that we have the difficult part, but we will be very empatheticWe repeat it several times because that is how it will be, they are not professional dancers, the three of us have been on the other side, so we will constructively say everything we see and we hope for a great show that will surprise us every Sunday.

Cristián de la Fuente: I’m going to do everything they 2 say because I’m afraid of them, you imagine what it is for me to be with these 2 tremendous women, Besides, they are power women, so what they say, because I’m really afraid.

Mariana Seoane: It was our turn, it was our turn, Adamari and I are also up for it, because I had never had to work on any project, or anything with Cristián and we have a judge, not only handsome, talented, he has an incredible vibe, let’s have fun the three of us brutally, and I know that we are going to enjoy it, the truth is that the public will see it.

Adamari López: As I say, he is a daddy, hottie, coolness and he is also a good person.



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