Adamari López puts more than one gentleman to compete for his love

It’s been a year and 4 months since Adamari Lopez confirmed the end of his relationship with Toni Costa and we still don’t know a new gallant. However, it has been widely rumored that more than one gentleman has tried to conquer the heart of the driver without any success.

Christian Nodal, Horacio Pancheri and Nacho Lozano are just some celebrities who have been romantically related to the driverwho recently shared a message that undoubtedly left more than one open-mouthed and in which he reveals his position on his famous singleness.

“Friend, if you have already started to smile with your messages, block it… We are not supposed to have feelings, focus on being successful”, was the forceful message that Adamari Lopez shared on the social network Instagram and with which he makes it clear that for the moment will not be given a new chance at love.

Toni Costa rebuilds her life with Evelyn Beltrán

Toni Costa does not hesitate to show off the great love he feels for Evelyn Beltán. The couple has chosen to maintain a cordial relationship for the well-being of their daughter Alaïa.

It was last February 23 when Tony Costa confirmed via social networks that had an affair with Evelyn Beltran. From that moment and until now, the couple has not stopped showing off their love, which has unleashed several rumors of jealousy and envy in Adamari López.

However, the star host of Telemundo has made it clear that she doesn’t need to drop hintsthis after she was pointed out to do it in the videos she shares on social networks: “Nothing is to be taken so seriously, nothing is a pullita for anyone, it is simply making content that amuses people.”

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What happened to Adamari López and Toni Costa?

The couple has chosen to maintain a cordial relationship for the well-being of their daughter Alaïa.

Adamari Lopez announced in May 2021 that separated from Toni Costa after almost 10 years together. Without giving many details about it, the driver made it clear that this is not a tantrum, whim or punishment but that during their relationship experienced certain types of situations now a days not willing to let them happen again.

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