Adamari López thinner than ever with a yoga teacher (VIDEO)

  • Adamari López is still imposing and slimmer and sexier than ever
  • The host of Hoy Día showed off in a very sensual but healthy segment
  • The ex of Toni Costa showed off in leggings doing yoga with a sexy teacher and raised suspicions

Adamari López wore her body in leggings visibly slimmer and more toned in a segment of ‘Hoy Día’ where she does yoga poses and the chemistry with the teacher was such that people thought they would like the man to be their partner ; she is still single but enjoying her workouts.

And it is that since she separated from Toni Costa, the host of ‘Hoy Día’ has been related to different men without it being confirmed yet that she is dating someone or having a partner, with everything and that she is at her best moment with her slimmer and happier body than ever.

Adamari López showed off in sexy leggings

Adamari López leggings
Instagram: Adamary López Torres

On the Instagram fan page ‘Adamary López Torres’, the video of the segment was published in which the Puerto Rican together with the sexy yoga teacher perform quite compromising postures for the viewers because it was about trusting the couple, which sparked suspicions .

Adamari López put on nude leggings with pink, red, orange and yellow stripes that further stylized her body, which has visibly lost many sizes, in addition to her countenance looking happier and more relaxed, which causes expectations that she is’ excited ‘after breaking up with Toni Costa.

The dress that she wore on vacation and caused a sensation because it looks thinner

Adamari López slim

A few weeks ago, on her vacation in Europe, Adamari López wore a little dress that made clear her hard work in exercise and nutrition that has greatly served to be the center of attention and see herself with a better attitude to the unexpected separation with Toni Costa.

In the photograph you can see the sexy host of ‘Hoy Día’ on a kind of boardwalk with a little silver dress with glitters on one half and on the other a kind of black jacket, very sensual and elegant while highlighting her curves and frontal attributes, as well as her tanned legs.

The ‘compromising’ postures of Adamari López and her yoga teacher

Yoga Today

In the video of ‘Hoy Día’, you can see Adamari López very happy to be with the yoga teacher as a couple and provide some postures to have better communication with her life partner, but was she flirtatious with teacher Zarid Urbina ?: “Zarid I love that you come and that you help me to practice the confidence that I can have in myself”.

And as if that were not enough, do you send a ‘hint’ to Toni Costa? As the session progressed and introduced the sexy yoga teacher who was shirtless, he stressed that the postures would serve to increase patience with the couple: “Patience I like it because sometimes there are not always between couples and being able to communicate better in this way makes one have a better relationship then, ”he commented, and does he say it from experience?

Do they make a beautiful couple? Adamari López in leggings and very thin does yoga in ‘Hoy Día’

Yoga teacher with Adamari López sexy and slim

While the teacher Zarid Urbina was very concentrated listening to the indications and questions of Adamari López, she was very expectant to start with the postures and the first they performed was an open angle of legs and they holding hands.

“We hold hands and we look into each other’s eyes and we share only good, positive thoughts and here with my feet I can spread your legs wider and I pull you towards me, breathing is the most important thing,” said Zarid Urbina while holding Adamari López who looked relaxed and full.

Adamari López in leggings and slim dedicating affectionate words to Zarid Urbina

The Puerto Rican in Today

Exercise, meditation, good nutrition and yoga have led Adamari López to be in the best moment of her life in terms of mind, body and attitude, and this is how she let the sexy yoga teacher know: “Zarid yo I always thank you for coming with these postures and these aids in yoga that complement our way of life, our way of interacting with our partners… ”, he said.

In another of the video scenes you can see how the Puerto Rican must trust the yoga teacher to perform postures never before performed such as the handstand that although it cost him, he managed to perform, unlike another called ‘the star’, in the one that Adamari López ended up unbalanced.

Couple relationship… Does Adamari López flirt?

Adamari López in leggings doing yoga

Speaking of yoga as a couple, the host released several words that could make it clear that although she has nothing with Zarid Urbina, she would be open to the possibility of finding a new love, despite the fact that months ago she managed that the separation with Toni Costa was merely temporary:

“These postures help us with our partner to have a better connection but also to be able to enjoy more of what we do as a couple, whether with a friend or with a sentimental partner … for example, you and I have no bond other than coming here and do the postures and I think I feel so confident that I would like to do one of the ones we did right now, which was like a star, “said the host of ‘Hoy Día’.

They are looking for a partner for the Puerto Rican woman in her new slimmer stage of life

Yoga poses and the conductor of Today Happy Day

Given the images and good chemistry that Adamari López and her yoga teacher have in ‘Hoy Día’, the comments for Toni Costa’s ex-partner did not wait: “Huuu, excellent, you transmit a lot of beautiful positive energy. Thank you ”,“ Is he your partner now? ”,“ He is your yoga teacher ”,“ You can see a belly, let’s see if you work that part ”.

But before relating her to her teacher, the Puerto Rican had already been raised suspicions about her ‘closeness’ with her Hoy Día partner, Nacho Lozano … Two of the most beloved and charismatic hosts on Hispanic television are undoubtedly Adamari López and Nacho Lozano, who in ‘Hoy Día’, show their energy and professionalism, but lately, they appear more and more tender and affectionate between the two, so people speculate a possible romance. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ADAMARI LÓPEZ WITH HIS YOGA TEACHER

He had already been related to his partner Nacho Lozano

Adamari López leggings

Although it is only a few months since the announcement of the separation of Adamari López from her ex-partner Toni Costa, the truth is that the rumors that the host of ‘Hoy Día’ is already ready to find a new beau do not stop and now in some photographs and Recent videos, could it be that it shows your attraction to Nacho Lozano?

Now in a recent video published by an Adamari López fan page on Instagram called ‘Adamary López Torres’, it can be seen in the images as tenderly and saying ‘My love’, the Puerto Rican consents to her partner Nacho Lozano because he is cold.

People want the Puerto Rican to already have a boyfriend so that she can show off a slimmer body

The Puerto Rican and the yoga teacher

In one of the commercial breaks, apparently Chiquibaby, Adamari López and Nacho Lozano have to find a place on the set of ‘Hoy Día’ where they do not feel so cold, because while the Mexican is freezing to death and makes exaggerated gestures to attract attention of the Puerto Rican, Toni Costa’s ex covers herself with a kind of poncho.

Although the new stage of ‘Hoy Día’ started just this 2021, the truth is that the drivers have made a very good dumbbell and the chemistry between them is palpable, so much so that people are excited that a romance between Adamari López and Nacho Lozano. Filed Under: Adamari López slim in leggings

Adamari López in leggings doing yoga with her teacher Zarid

Adamari López slim and in leggings

After Adamari López realizes that Nacho Lozano is cold, he takes off his poncho to put it on but as he does so he calls him ‘my love’: “Have my love … take care of my love, take care of yourself”, while the Mexican allows himself to be very pampered. tenderly for the Puerto Rican who wears a dress that also caused commotion.

The comments for the images were immediate: “I find him handsome and if he treats her like a queen, what would be the impediment? She has the right to rebuild her life. ” Pimp chiquibombi ”.

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