Adamari López unleashes dancing merengue with a transparent dress

And if there is someone who continues to show joy and a lot of fun, that is Adamari López who appeared in the Hoy Día edition with a fuchsia dress that had transparencies while dancing unleashed with a coworker at They are from the meringue. There’s no doubt La Chaparrita from Telemundo it carries the joy inside and the rhythm too.

If there is one thing that loves Adamari Lopez And what has made it clear since he went from acting to animation is how much loves to dance. Not in vain did he fall in love with father his daughter Alaïa, Toni Costa, dancing. That habit has not stopped doing it even when it is on the air in the morning show that it does every day. This time she showed off her new figure with a fitted dress that had sheer areas but that, still did not make her look vulgar, but very sexy and delicate. The merengue that danced is sung by Jeffrey He sings Lindo and with him he demonstrated that, in matters of dance, is not only a winner but an expert.

But leaving the dance aside, another thing that has to Adamari Lopez She is also very happy to have a new baby at home, which is why Alaïa asked her for a baby brother. It is about the son of Génesis, who is one of the people who helped Adamari a lot in taking care of Alaïa from a very young age and who, over time, became one of the family.

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