Adamari Lopez’s final goodbye to Hoy Día was a tribute to 11 years of memories

The video was recorded hours after the surprise announcement that he no longer belonged to Telemundo.

Adamari López left ‘Hoy Día’ looking into the camera’s eyes… Yes, in a video recorded in the same studio where she woke up every morning for 11 years, trying to hold back tears and reading on the teleprompter what she had previously agreed to say, we tell you what she said in her farewell to the show, after she was surprisingly taken off.

“There is an absence, our dear, our dear Adamari López, Ada… Later, she will explain it to us”… Thus began not only the show but every hour of ‘Hoy Día’ this Friday, creating expectation and generating suspense about what was clearly their exclusive: the dismissal of their presenter who was in charge of the mornings for 11 years.

Meanwhile, Penélope Menchaca, Chiky Bombom, Daniel Arenas, and guest Juan Rivera watched as every hour Frederik Oldenburg announced that Adamari would talk about ‘her absence.’

It was until the end of the show, as it is usually done when you have a ‘big exclusive’ to keep the public expectant, with a previous tribute of her passage through the mornings, where they began with the surprise that her now deceased parents gave her by appearing on the program the day of the debut, they aired a video recorded a few hours after receiving the news that they were two months ahead of the expiration of her contract to remove her, the farewell words of the talent who for a long time was known as the one who ‘gave rating’ where they put her.

My beautiful people, with the same love and affection that I have put since day one, today I have to tell you that, after a joint decision, I will no longer accompany you every morning in what has been my home for more than 10 years, Telemundo

This is the end of this beautiful chapter that I have lived in for the last 10 years. However, not everything that we have lived in this journey ends. It has allowed me to be part of your lives, to inform you, to share with you different events of my life, such as the arrival of my beloved princess Alaïa, whom you and I have seen grow…

I am infinitely grateful to all the people who gave me the opportunity to develop as a professional and to those great colleagues I have had during these last 10 years, with whom I was able to share and learn for so many years. I will always carry it with me.

I am sure that life will give us new opportunities to coincide and celebrate again. I confess that I will continue with the same desire and energy to entertain you, to work, and to continue offering the best of myself. Thank you, I love you very much.

When they returned to the studio, without a drop of tears, Frederik, Penelope, Daniel, and Nicole Suarez gave a few words of thanks and farewell, calling the attention that the only one who did not say anything was the one who usually speaks the most: Chiki Bombom.

Yesterday we told you in an exclusive scoop that although her contract expired on the last day of June, and she still had the hope that they would call her to renew it, Adamari was called at the end of the show, and after having her record a video announcing happily that from Monday they would be 4 hours, that her cycle with them was over.

Human Resources told her that as of Thursday, she would no longer be on screen, nor did she belong to Telemundo… As we also told you, the network sent us a reaction to our question in which they assured us that it was a ‘mutual agreement’ decision.

What did they tell us?

“After 11 years with Telemundo, Telemundo, and Adamari Lopez mutually decided that this is the right time for her to leave her role as host of Hoy Día. Adamari has been an integral part of Telemundo’s mornings for more than a decade, helping Hispanics start their day with her charming and energetic personality. Adamari is a talented, multi-faceted television host who has been a part of numerous network specials and programs, always connecting with and serving our viewers with her charisma, authenticity, and charm. We are deeply grateful for her continued dedication to Telemundo and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Was it really a mutual agreement? No, and yes… We can tell you, off the record, that Adamari was surprised by her dismissal. She really didn’t expect it and even less so when she had hopes of renewing her contract. Why do we say ‘yes’? Because in that meeting where she was informed that she was out, they would have proposed to Lopez a ‘diplomatic’ exit, in ‘good terms,’ so ‘by mutual agreement’ is that they would have decided what they said, what she said in her farewell.

Why would Adamari have accepted the ‘deal’? For a simple and clear reason, and that has to do with what has happened throughout her extensive career, not to close the door anywhere and always retire with professionalism and in peace, although in this case, it was not her decision to leave the show and the public that accompanied her during these 12 years.