Adela Noriega shook her hips in distress with Andrea Legarreta (VIDEO)

  • Adela Noriega continues away from the stage but a nice video resurfaces
  • The host Andrea Legarreta dances very at ease with the protagonist of soap operas
  • The Mexican was very sorry to dance a few years ago on the program ‘Hoy’

Adela Noriega was the queen of very successful telenovelas on Televisa and suddenly she disappeared and her whereabouts remain a mystery in the expectation that she will return to television, however, now a video has resurfaced where she is seen very sorry shaking her hips next to the host Andrea Legarreta.


The affection that people feel for the Mexican is undeniable because since she is away from the artistic medium, everyone asks that she return to occupy her place within Televisa, since she was one of the spoiled actresses whose projects were hits for the company such as’ El Privilegio de Amar ‘,’ Quinceañera ‘,’ Sweet Challenge ‘,’ Real Love ‘and’ The Virgin Wife ‘.

Adela Noriega enjoyed dancing with Andrea Legarreta

Adela Noriega
YouTube: Today

A few months after a ‘last and mysterious appearance’ in a video that was assured was her although it was never clear now another recording resurfaces within the program ‘Hoy’ when Martha Carrillo was still among the drivers and Andrea Legarreta was much younger.

At that moment, Adela Noriega had been invited for an interview but before presenting her, in ‘Hoy’ they had the tradition of dancing a song for the birthday children who watched the program, so the protagonist of ‘María Isabel’ had no choice. another than to stand and try to dance.

Andrea Legarreta put the steps to Adela Noriega to dance

Andrea Legarreta and Adela Noriega

“Do you remember the famous birthday dance TODAY and the beautiful actress, Adela Noriega?” Is the description of the video that can be seen on the official channel of ‘Hoy’ when they celebrated 20 years of broadcasting and remembered the most important moments and highlights of the morning, and Adela Noriega could not be left out.

The beautiful protagonist of ‘Manantial’, wore a 90s fashion with a scarf on her neck, a black skirt with tights of the same tone, her hair loose, a striking belt with golden circles and her beautiful smile that characterized her so much while I was trying to dance with Andrea Legarreta.

Adela Noriega tried to concentrate despite being very sorry to dance

Adela Noriega and Andrea Legarreta

It was 21 years ago when such a nice moment happened in which Andrea Legarreta was ‘unleashed’ dancing in a tailored suit to the birthday song of the program ‘Hoy’ that for years caused an identity in the morning, while Adela Noriega moved by his side trying ‘catch’ the steps.

Without losing her sympathy and charisma, the protagonist of ‘Guadalupe’ turned around laughing with the conductors to guess which step would follow in the choreography and what was surprising is that the actress did know the lyrics of the melody and was singing it without losing her smile .

People are amazed by Adela Noriega dancing

Adela Noriega sad

The comments of the people in the video of ‘Hoy’ did not wait and they said: “This video is a beautiful ADELA relic”, “Adela one of the most beautiful actresses”, “Beautiful !! My favorite actress, how she is missed ”,“ Beautiful and a very good actress. Hopefully she will return ”,“ I hate novels but this woman has a very special magic, how beautiful ”.

“Hopefully they give the price on Televisa so that Adela Noriega returns, although this video means many things to no one they give a screen in Hoy if they are not part of the San Ángel consortium”, “I had never seen this video. It is a jewel hehehe ay Adela returns even for the last time to make a telenovela “, comments several fans of the Mexican.

Andrea Legarreta tried to tell the steps to the actress

Andrea Legarreta and Adela Noriega

Could Adela Noriega soon return to television? That doubt generated an alleged video that the sister of the actress Reyna Noriega uploaded to her private Facebook account. The material, where the actress appears wearing a satin top and adjusting her hair, has quickly become viral.

Several users on social networks reported that after publishing the video, the actress’s sister confirmed that some surprises would come, which Adela Noriega’s fans took as her possible return to television after several years of absence. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO OF ADELA NORIEGA AND ANDREA LEGARRETA DANCING

The appearance of Adela Noriega in video on networks

She reappeared but they don't think it's her
PHOTO Instagram

This video was also published on the Instagram account nxclusiva, where it was pointed out that the video had been uploaded by the sister of the soap opera actress, and assured that it was possibly images of her possible return to television.

“She reappears more beautiful than ever. In Reyna Noriega’s private Facebook account yesterday a live story appeared where a woman identical to Adela Noriega appeared. Minutes later Reyna appeared saying that surprises are coming very soon ”.

About to return to public life?

They say she reappeared but they don't think it's her
PHOTO Twitter

The message with the video also mentioned: “From @nxclusiva we bring you the video that Adela Noriega’s sister published on her Facebook account. Could this be the long-awaited return of the Mexican actress? In video you can see that the environment where they recorded was a recording set or a television program! ”.

“Is it the surprise that @sueltalasopatv is preparing for this week? In which Telenovela would you like to see it? ”, It was read in the text where they put the video. Immediately the messages from the users were immediate, and many of them pointed out that it was not Adela Noriega.

‘It’s photoshop’, ‘she looks like Marlene Favela’

They assure that Adela Noriega reappeared but they do not believe that it is her
PHOTO Instagram

“It’s a Photoshop with a video of Marlene Favela”, “It’s not Adela .. it’s Photoshop with Marlene”, “Seriously, if this is true, hopefully Adela Noriega appears, it would be fantastic, she is missed. Bella excellent actress, “She is a mix of Salma Hayek and Marlene Favela.”

“It looks like Grettell Valdez or Marlene Favela…,“ That’s not Adela. Adela does not need to fix anything because she is beautiful by nature and doing anything is destroying her face and if she did not do it as a young girl today there is no point “,” If she is Adela and she looks beautiful. ”

They compare Adela Noriega with other actresses

They assure that Adela Noriega reappeared but they do not believe that it is her
PHOTO Instagram

“She looks like Mayrin Villanueva”, “She is Marlene Favela”, were other comments that accompanied the publication, where the short video caused a furor among the fans of the actress of soap operas such as Dulce defiance, María Isabel, The virgin wife , Real love, Game in the blood, which was his last novel.

After disappearing from the public eye, several media assured that the actress had been caught in the Miami where she had gone to live while recovering from cancer. According to the magazine Who was her sister Reyna Noriega, who in 2018 was in charge of denying these rumors.

They clarify the state of health of the actress

PHOTO Instagram

“Friends, colleagues and followers of Adela Noriega: we want to deny what has been said about my sister’s state of health, her supposed cancer disease. Yes, she had been in poor health, but thank God it is not cancer.

“Other than that, my sister is in perfect shape. We ask very cordially that before giving any information, first investigate well, in the same way thank you for your blessings! ”, Informed the sister of the actress Reyna Noriega. SEE VIDEO HERE

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