Brit Awards 2023: Adele’s memorable performance with the Mexican flag brings tears to fans’ eyes

Adele's electrifying performance at Brit Awards 2023 left fans in awe as she sang one of her hits while carrying the Mexican flag, a gesture that captured the hearts of her Mexican fans and won admiration from fans worldwide. Watch the video of Adele's moving tribute to Mexico, which has already gone viral on social media and see why her performance was one of the highlights of the evening.

This afternoon, Adele captivated her fans by singing one of her hits while carrying the Mexican flag, an act that her Mexican fans praised and quickly replicated on social networks, platforms where the video of the 34-year-old singer is already circulating.

In the video, the singer of “Don’t you remember” wears blonde hair and one of her classic high hairstyles, which she combined with a black lace dress that fits her body, highlighting her curves and revealing a little of the style that has characterized the singer.

After the viralization of the video of Adele carrying the Mexican flag, many of her fans did not hesitate to write messages like “ok… but Adele with the Mexican flag is another world“; “Adele knows that Mexico loves her“; “Adele is the most beautiful to wear the flag of my country, long live Mexico!” and “God, is there anything this woman does not do well?

Adele’s images wearing the Mexican flag:

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Even non-Mexican fans did not hesitate to send messages of admiration to the singer, in which they highlighted the value of the culture and patriotic flags of our country: “I am not Mexican, but what a beautiful culture“; “Truly the Mexican flag is the most beautiful” and “I am Argentina, and I love my flag, but how beautiful that an artist of this stature carries the flag of a country as beautiful as its people. Well done, Adele.

During the event dedicated to recognizing the best of British and international music, Adele also showed off her talent as a singer by performing a series of songs that made it clear why she is one of the most acclaimed performers in the world, especially in Latin America.

The 43rd edition of the Brit Awards 2023 was attended by important personalities from the entertainment world, who gave much to talk about with their outfits, such as Harry Styles and Sam Smith, who showed off their extravagant dark looks. However, Mexican actress Salma Hayek stole the show by wearing a black leather dress highlighting her sculptural silhouette.

Adele’s performance on video, performing while wearing the Mexican flag:

Adele wearing the Mexican flag while performing at the Brit Awards 2023