Adrián Álvarez, Ángela Aguilar’s grandfather, passes away in Acapulco

Grief-stricken Ángela Aguilar and her family bid farewell to grandfather Adrián Álvarez. The Aguilar dynasty shares heartfelt messages as they mourn the loss in Acapulco, Guerrero.

This Saturday afternoon Ángela Aguilar and her family dressed in mourning after the death of her maternal grandfather, Adrián Álvarez, to whom they said goodbye with tender messages on social networks, and the news did not take long to spread among fans of the singer and the Aguilar Dynasty; however, her relatives did not share more details about the unfortunate death that has the singer of “Qué agonía” very sad.

The singer’s mother, Aneliz Álvarez, made the news known through her official Instagram account with a publication in which she revealed that the unexpected death occurred this Saturday, March 25, during a trip to Acapulco, Guerrero. Still, this information has not been confirmed, nor has the death’s causes been clarified. She also shared some photographs of her last goodbye to her father.

Ángela Aguilar's mother with Don Adrián (Photo: IG @anelizzilena).
Ángela Aguilar’s mother with Don Adrián (Photo: IG @anelizzilena).

“The saddest memory of Acapulco…. Rest in peace dad,” reads the publication that quickly accumulated hundreds of comments giving condolences to Pepe Aguilar’s wife.

“Rest in peace.” This is how they say goodbye to him on social networks.

Aneliz Álvarez ‘s publication caught the attention of the show business world and received many messages of support, including one from Ana Bárbara, who did not hesitate to write: “I embrace you with my heart, my queen.” Likewise, Ángela Aguilar, who has given hints of deep sadness, also joined her mother’s lamentations. For this, she revealed the grandchildren’s tender, an intimate nickname for Don Adrián. “Fly high, handsome grandpa,” she said.

It is worth mentioning that the singer of “En Realidad” also resorted to social networks to show her sadness for the death of her paternal grandfather. From her official Twitter account, she only published a sad face,”:(,” which fans confused with the death of Xavier López “Chabelo” that shocked all of Mexico this Saturday. Likewise, in an Instagram story, Leonardo Aguilar said his last goodbye to his maternal grandfather with “rest in peace, handsome grandpa.”

This is how the singer expressed her sadness (Photo: Screenshot).
This is how the singer expressed her sadness (Photo: Screenshot).
They say their last goodbye to Don Adrián (Photo: Screenshot).
They say their last goodbye to Don Adrián (Photo: Screenshot).

Of course, Aneliz’s followers also left messages of support at this difficult moment with comments such as “QEPD, a hug for the whole family, quick resignation,” “I’m so sorry,” “I send you all my love,” “we love you and we are with you” and “may you rest in peace, fly high,” reads the publication of Pepe Aguilar‘s wife. It should be noted that the singer also took to his Instagram stories to show support for the love of his life and respect for his late father-in-law.

I love you and I feel it in my soul.”

Pepe Aguilar

Fans also joined the singer’s lament and did not hesitate to remember the whole family: “Thank you so much for everything, Adrián. Dad of 3 great women: Aneliz, Alil, and Dora. To the grandfather of 6 great people. To the patriarch of the Álvarez Alcalá family. Rest in peace and fly high,” wrote an Instagram account dedicated to the Aguilar Dynasty.

(Photo: Screenshot)
(Photo: Screenshot)