Adrián LeBarón made a suggestion to AMLO: “Yours was only evidenced”

Recently one of the sons of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was exposed in front of the press for his luxurious lifestyle, something that undoubtedly caused the anger of the President of Mexicoand before this, the activist Adrian LeBaron he advised him with direct words and that they left him in check, this is what he told him!

In AmericanPost.News we reveal to you that Carlos Loret de Mola was the one who exhibited the fortune of Obrador’s son, which is why Obrador attacked him saying that he would ask the SAT to investigate how the journalist has obtained all the high income that he gave in La Mañanera to know

Previously we told you about the massacre of the LeBarón family; However, now we will tell you what Adrián said to the leader of the 4T about the controversy that lives by his son.

Adrián LeBaron and the advice that left AMLO in check

Adrian. Photo: LeBaron massacre. Photo: Cuartoscuro

It was through his official Twitter account that the famous activist sent a strong message to Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who apparently has turned against Carlos Loret for having exhibited his son’s fortune, this is what he declared:

“My daughter was massacred with my grandchildren, yours was only evidenced.”

And he added:

“Even so I do not seek revenge, I seek justice.”

And sentenced:

“Hate guides your decisions and thus you will never find the peace that you thought you would have as president.”

It is worth mentioning that Andrés Manuel’s provocation against Carlos Loret on the national network has shocked associations, activists and journalists, who are outraged to learn that he wants to intimidate and threaten the free expression of the press.

What happened to the LeBarons in Chihuahua?

LeBaron massacre. Photo: Cuartoscuro

On November 4, 2019, nine members of the LeBarón family were intercepted in Galeana, Chihuahua when they were on their way to Bavispe, Sonora and were massacred in cold blood, among the deceased there were 6 minors.

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