Adrián Uribe and Adal Ramones start the ‘ChavoRucos Tour’ in the United States

As we well know, Adrian Uribe has successfully toured duet show with Omar Chaparro and later with Consuelo Duval; but on this occasion he invited the presenter Adalberto Javier Ramones Martínez, known by his stage name Adal Ramones.

Under the name of ‘Chavo Rucos Tour’both artists will take their humor to some cities in the United States and their first stop is this Friday, March 4th Dallas.

They will also visit: MCallen, Los Angeles, Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San José and Houston.

“We are doing comedy together, throwing cheeks at each other, then I am left alone doing a monologuethen he does his monologue, but also we have several sketcheswe have a very cool video production and a musical number,” he said for the show’s media Adrian Uribecreator of the project.

Would “Chavorrucos Tour” come to Mexico?

With almost two hours of live comedy in which people “are going to have a great time, because there is a bit of everything and a lot of experience from both of them,” he said. “Chavorrucos Tour”.

And, if they manage to balance their agendas, possibly they will arrive in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Both Adal and Adrián agreed that they are very excited about this tour, as it will allow them to bring entertainment to Latinos living in the United States, especially their countrymen, who support their artistic career from there.

How old are the Chavorrucos?

Actors, comedians and conductors.

‘chavorruco’ It’s a relatively new term that you’ve most likely already heard of, or even been referred to in that way by someone if you’re in your thirties or forties and like to dress fashionably.

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