Adriana Fonseca in a neon green swimsuit highlights her spectacular tanned skin

adriana fonseca 42 years old, is another of the celebrities who is already ready for the shirt this spring, proof of this was the neon green swimsuit that she wore for some photos with which she looks spectacular because we must admit that she has very nice figure.

Said model is one piece, but since it has openings, it seems that it is two pieces, but this type of designs are Adriana Fonseca’s favorites because of their avant-garde as well as that flirtatious touch that they give to the body, but of course there are also to know how to take care of herself as only she knows how to do it.

According to the flirtatious photo of the Mexican actress, it seems that she is in her native Veracruz at the moment, although it is not known if it is for work reasons or just to visit her family, her followers were delighted to see her on Mexican beaches, because As you know, she has lived in Los Angeles for several years, so she rarely has the opportunity to visit Mexico, but when she does, she always brings surprises with her.

“I hope to find you out there sometime, on the beaches and take a picture with you. You are a great example of the beauties of Veracruz”, “How beautiful you are with your friend and sister-in-law Adriana Fonseca’s beach dress”, “Could you embody ‘ Irma Dorantes’ in a series or biopic about Pedro Infante. You are very similar to her in size, appearance, physiognomy @adrianafonsecaoficial “, they write on the networks.

Another of the things that fans of this artist love is that her skin is always seen with an incredible tan, so seeing her with this color of swimsuit made that spectacular tone that makes anyone fall in love, she is also seen without makeup another thing in its favor, since it looks very good.

Adriana Fonseca has also been inclined to share makeup tutorials, proof of this was the most recent one she did on the Euphoria series with which she appeared with very exotic shadows as well as crystals which look incredible.

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