Adriana Fonseca teaches you what are the makeup tones for this season

Adriana fonseca The 42-year-old has become a true influencer since she opened her social networks, because not only does she share photos where she is very pretty modeling, she also teaches her fans the trends in makeup and clothing, so she we will teach some of them.

It turns out that the Mexican actress shared a video, where she is seen showing off a makeup with seasonal colors which are dark pinks, glitters, outlines, and reds which look great on this pretty woman who always tries to be up to date. Vanguard.

In the video you can see Adriana Fonseca first with a washed face and then one by one putting on the tones with which her charming brown skin stands out, in addition to having a very beautiful face, as if that were not enough, the famous one has always been happy to share these posts.

“You look beautiful, I love you”, “My life is beautiful, kisses, I love you”, “How beautiful you look with your braids and your ironed hair, your makeup is perfect @adrianafonsecaoficial”, “@adrianafonsecaoficial I already want to see you in #PeliculaRomanticaYConedia # Valentino Along With @davidchocarro @dulcemaria The Three Are Great Actors “, they write to the famous.

Another of the things for which Adriana Fonseca is very loved by her fans, has been the way she has thanking her followers for the love she has for them and what she does is share on her YouTube channel various topics that her fans share with her. They ask as anecdotes of his career or beauty routines which he does with great pleasure.

Despite the fact that the television star lives in the United States, his heart is always in Mexico, since at all times he talks about related issues that exist in our country, as well as showing the friendship he has with other famous Mexican celebrities. who appreciates a lot.

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful woman has also been with her heartthrob for several years, whom she considers a wonderful man, as she assures that he understands her in all aspects, and she is also very happy with him.

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