Adriana Reyes Rubio, the last daughter of the famous actress María Rubio, dies

Last Tuesday, November 23, the public was shocked by the news of the death of Adriana Reyes, the last daughter of María Rubio, the leading soap opera actress to play the iconic character of Catalina Creel in the melodrama Cuna de Lobos (1986-1987).

Through her Twitter account, the young Fernanda Reyes Pedret (niece of the deceased) made the news known. However, as the hours passed, the terrible message resonated even more because with her departure, none of the four members of the Reyes Rubio de la Maza family are left alive.

“With this same photo I share that Reyes Rubio de la Maza family is together again in heaven. Aunt Adriana Reyes Rubio, we will always miss you, but I am sure that you are happy to tell you with your parents and your brother. One more angel in our lives DEP,” she wrote

Said message was accompanied with a moving photograph of their reunited relatives around María Rubio’s daughter while they look very hugging and smiling.

The death of Adriana Reyes It arises in the same month that his brother and father left, but years and days apart. That is, she died on November 23 of this year, while her father, Luis Reyes de la Maza, passed away on September 26, 2014.

Despite having revealed the death of her relative, the young Fernanda Reyes did not uncover the causes of her death and instead asked the public to send their prayers for her rest.

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