Ads that lie about sexuality

A television ad bothered me a lot, because, to sell, it lies, confuses and makes fun of men. It should be removed from all channels, since whoever wrote the script knows about sexuality what I know about landing on the moon.

I explain:

-Erectile dysfunction is confused with sexual desire, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation and penis size. Only an illiterate, and also stupid, could have written that. And worse off are those who paid such bad actors to repeat, like parrots, the most terrible thing I’ve seen on television.

-They claim that a new pill increases sexual desire, which, according to them, helps with erectile dysfunction. The worst thing is that they speak of impotence, something that has been prohibited for years, because it makes those affected (who need support and hope) feel like people who are no longer good for anything.

It’s enough for men to be seen as an erect penis walking the world. If then that penis does not become erect, the man is “no good” and will be abandoned by his wife. My God, what ignorance!

-The sexual act is not just penetration. The erection is important, but there are many ways to enjoy and reach orgasm, even if the penis is not erect. In fact, a flaccid penis can ejaculate and that man have an orgasm, even without an erection.

But the idiocy doesn’t end there. They also claim that the pill makes the penis grow, serves for delayed or premature ejaculation, and even to restore sexual desire. Are we going crazy?

Sexual desire is not increased by any pill. In fact, there are many men who deeply desire a woman and do not get an erection when trying to make love to her. Premature ejaculation also has nothing to do with sexual dysfunction. The premature ejaculator can have erections and even penetrate. The problem here is time, since it does not control your erection enough and its completion is much faster. In other words, he does not control his orgasm and ejaculation.

-The size of the penis has nothing to do with all this, nor with sexual satisfaction. As I have repeated ad infinitum in the media: it had better be small and playful, and not big and manganzón. In other words, size is not decisive in enjoyment. In fact, many men with very large penises are rejected by women because of the pain they cause during penetration.

I’m tired of so much harassment of the children of Adam. It’s enough to live with the weight of not controlling erections and, to top it off, if he doesn’t “he’s not a male”. Only an ignorant couple gets a divorce over this. There are thousands of solutions. Definitely, how difficult it is to be a man at this time!