Afghan baby found by his family after he disappeared in Kabul during the evacuation process

An Afghan baby who disappeared after his parents handed him over to a soldier during the evacuation process of citizens outside the Kabul airport in August, he was finally located and handed over to his family.

The father of baby Sohail Ahmadi, who was two months old on August 19, and his wife and four other children entered Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Airport after handing over Ahmadi to a soldier as thousands of people fled the country, but were later unable to locate the baby.

After the Reuters agency published the story of Ahmadi’s disappearance in November, the baby was found at the airport by a taxi driver identified as Hamid Safi, and he took him home to raise him.

At first, Safi, 29, refused to give up the boy unless his family found him or he was going to raise him, the New York Post reported.

I keep this baby. If you find your family, I’ll give it to you. If not, I will raise it myselfSafi told Reuters in November.

However, after weeks of negotiations, help from the Red Cross, and an arrest by the Taliban for kidnapping, Safi finally agreed to hand over the boy to his grandfather and other relatives in Kabul.

Different images of children being passed over the fence of the airport in the capital of Afghanistan were published on social networks and gained relevance.

The evacuation of Afghan and American citizens culminated in August 2021, prompted by the withdrawal of troops and the upward control of the Taliban in the country, which began in the provinces and reached its peak when it reached the capital, Kabul.

But the process promoted by President Biden came to a head on August 26., when two explosions occurred in the morning in front of the airport gate, the product of a suicide attack attributed by the Islamic State Greater Khorasan (ISIS-K), a group declared an enemy of the United States and the Taliban.

As a consequence of the suicide attack, 183 deaths were recorded, of which 13 were US servicemen who were ready to return.

After the last US military man flew out of Afghanistan, it was known that more than 150,000 people fled the country to different parts of the world during the process.

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