Afghan women are threatened with death if they do not wear a burqa in NGOs

Afghan women who work for NGOs have been threatened with death if they don’t wear a burqa. Employees of the organizations have revealed that the Taliban religious police have threatened to shoot the women if they do not comply with this rule.

Two members of the NGOs indicated that representatives of the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Badghis province met with humanitarian organizations.

“They told us (…) that if our female staff came to the office without a burqa, they would be shot,” they said.

They also revealed that the Taliban ordered women to be accompanied by a male chaperone, adding: “They said they would go to each office unannounced to make sure the rules are followed,” he explained.

Taliban ask Afghan women to wear burqa

Women received death threats Women in Afghanistan are forced to wear burkas

It should be noted that a written notification was sent to the organizations that work in the province, these copies they do not contain death threats, but women are asked to cover themselves.

The burqa is a veil that covers the face, it only has a grid at eye level so that women can see, without their faces being seen. This garment is traditionally used in the most conservative areas of the country, and its use was mandatory under the first Taliban regime that existed from 1996 to 2001.

What does the burqa symbolize?

Women in Afghanistan are forced to wear burkas

Because of its almost gloomy characteristics, the burqa is seen in the Western world as a symbol of repression, discrimination and dominance exercised by Muslim men over women. But they justify it as a sign of purity and chastity, as well as a way to promote Islam in the world. The full burqa was made compulsory in Afghanistan under the Taliban so Afghan women are forced to wear it.

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