Afghanistan: Maxar Technologies satellite images reveal chaos at Kabul airport

Afghanistan: Maxar Technologies satellite images reveal chaos at Kabul airport
Images from the Kabul airport show the chaos of crowds of people trying to flee the country.

The world is shocked at the chaotic scenes that unfolded at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport and its surroundings after the Taliban seized power. Satellite images of Kabul airport have captured how Afghans clung to planes in order to be rescued.

Thousands of people took to the Kabul airport on Monday to get out of Afghanistan. Satellite images confirm viral social media posts suggesting large crowds of Afghans rushing down the asphalt runway at Kabul airport.

On Sunday an image went viral on social media showing hundreds of people crammed into a US Air Force C-17 plane taking off from the Afghan capital for Qatar.

The images provided by the American space company Maxar Technologies reveal the scale of panic in which the operations where Hundreds of people were registered on the runway and lines of cars that broke into a wave of traffic outside the airport.

Footage from Kabul airport shows the chaos of crowds of people trying to escape Afghanistan.

In satellite photographs you can see hundreds of people gathered in different sections of the airport. Kabul airport security was overwhelmed by crowds, causing the airport to be closed for business operations on Monday.

The scenes outside the Kabul airport were no different. There were long lines of cars trying to get to the airport as crowds gathered in front of the entrance trying to get in. Besides seeing to hundreds of people gathered around the planes parked inside the airport in the hope of leaving the country.

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The chaos unleashed this Monday at the airport has claimed the lives of at least seven people, according to the AFP agency, including one who clung to a US military transport plane when it took off and fell shortly after from the air, as it was. videotaped.

Afghan passengers sit inside a plane as they wait to leave Kabul airport and flee from the Islamist government group.

The technology company reported that the images were taken at 10:36 a.m. Monday by Maxar’s Worldview satellites.

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