Afghanistan: Taliban celebrate anniversary of US withdrawal

The taliban celebrated this Wednesday first anniversary of US-led troop withdrawal of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan’s de facto rulers commemorated the withdrawal and capture of Kabul with victory songs and a parade displaying equipment left behind by international forces.

Foreign media did not have access to the event.

‘Afghanistan Freedom Day’

‘Afghanistan Freedom Day’. Taliban seek international recognition.

A Taliban government spokesman wished Afghans a happy “Freedom Day” on Twitter. In a separate statement, the government said the day marked “the country’s freedom from US occupation.”

“So many mujahideen have been injured (over the years), so many children have been orphaned, and so many women have been widowed.”

Groups of Taliban fighters marched as helicopters flew by, state television footage showed.

Military vehicles seized in the war or abandoned during the 2021 withdrawal paraded as part of the celebrations. On Tuesday night, the skies of Kabul were lit up with fireworks.

Banners celebrating victories against the United States, the Soviet Union and Britain were also waved in the Afghan capital. Soviet troops left Afghanistan in 1989 after a nine-year conflict, while the British Empire fought three wars in Afghanistan in the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Taliban seek international recognition

Taliban seek international recognition.

On the anniversary day of the withdrawal of US-led forces, the Taliban government reiterated its demand to be recognized as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.

“The experience of the last 20 years can be a good guide… Any kind of pressure and threat against the people of Afghanistan in the last 20 years has failed and only increased the crisis,” the Taliban said in a statement.

The movement claimed in the statement that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the official name of the Taliban-led state, is the “legitimate government of the country and the representative of the brave Afghan nation.”

As we mentioned in AmericanPost.Newsthe Taliban called on the international community to allow an independent Islamic government in Afghanistan that has “positive interaction with the world.”

The international community has pressed the Taliban on human rights, including girls’ right to education. In the year since they took power, the Taliban have closed girls’ secondary schools in many parts of the country and barred women from many government positions.

The departure of US forces on August 31, 2021 marked the end of Washington’s longest war. Some 66,000 Afghan soldiers and 48,000 civilians were killed during the two decades of conflict, as were more than 2,400 US soldiers.

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