Afore, with these three platforms you will increase your savings

For those who wish to increase the amount of their Afore of the pension you will receive when the right time comes, this is the three digital platforms that can help you.

About Retirement Savings System has several digital tools through which you can safely volunteer your individual account, without having to leave your home.

Three tools to increase your Afore savings

1. Transfer

This is another option to save, which has the financial purpose from 50 pesos. Once you have installed it, you must select the services module and click on “Search Services”.

Look for the option “Savings and Credits” and select “Afore”, indicate the Afore, Unique Population Registration Code (CURP) or scan the barcode of the Account Statement.

2. e-sar portal

If you prefer, you can save through the e-sar portal and select “Voluntary Savings” from the menu at the top. Then locate the option “Directly pay your Voluntary Savings and click on” Start your Voluntary Savings “.

Finally, fill out a form with your name and CURP, enter the bank details, select the Afore and indicate the amount to be deposited and the periodicity. It is important to have an email to receive the pre-application folio and a link to download the voucher.

3- Afore Mobile

This alternative that helps to connect ISSSTE, IMSS and Independent Workers with the Retirement Fund Administrators (Afore) so that they can have greater control of their savings and investments.

One of the advantages of this platform is that it is available on both iOS and Android, to start saving, beneficiaries must enter the option of “Online savings”, choose “debit card, credit or CLABE account”, Enter the “one time, weekly, biweekly or monthly” periodicity, and decide whether to make the contribution deductible.

You can save from 50 pesos and up to 200 pesos with a credit card or up to 10,000 pesos with a debit card or CLABE account.

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