After a fight in the Apodaca prison, relatives of inmates block streets

After registering a fight within the facilities of the Apodaca prison, New Lion, relatives They blocked the passage of vehicles to demand information on the 21 injured.

It was announced that the relatives of the inmates demanded information about the altercation and the inmates, so they settled on the outskirts of the prison, however there were blockades.

In AmericanPost.News We let you know that they report a fight in the Apodaca prison; there is at least one dead, however shortly after it was confirmed that there were 21 injured from the altercation.

Relatives demand information

Relatives carried out blockades due to the lack of information According to preliminary information, it was a confrontation for extortion.

Shortly after the protests began, relatives of inmates and cameramen were injured when a security gate at the Apodaca municipality’s Social Reintegration Center fell on them, during the protests that took place after the fight inside the prison.

Due to the lack of information, relatives began protests outside the building, located at the junction of the Laredo-Salinas Victoria highway.

In the midst of the confrontations between the police and relatives, one of the security bars gave way to the movement, for which it fell on the relatives and cameramen who were outside.

What happened in the Apodaca 1 prison?

According to preliminary information, it was a confrontation for extortion.

There was a fight between the inmates of the Apocada 1 prison, according to the first investigations presented by Aldo Fasci Zuazua, the Secretary of Public Security in Nuevo León, there are 21 people injured, not seriously.

The altercation originated this Friday in the Apodaca 1 prison, where everything indicates that the fight began due to extortion issues.

Aldo Fasci Zuazua commented that they are investigating the issue, but in a preliminary points out that it was a fight between two inmates, in which others ended up participating.

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