After abortion ruling, US doctors ask for work in other states

Add out of state doctors It is just one of the measures being taken by the abortion clinics who face an uncertain panorama after the annulment of abortion in the US.

Jennifer Kerns, a physician from California, will soon serve almost 3,000 kilometers away in a abortion clinic in Kansaswhere women from nearby states in the Midwest with bans on the procedure are expected to seek care.

The providers and abortion clinics They say Kerns is among dozens of doctors who recently applied for new medical licenses in states where abortion could remain legal, in anticipation of Friday’s landmark Supreme Court decision to end recognition of a woman’s constitutional right to interrupt a pregnancy.

“We felt like this was part of our responsibility – to provide services in a place where they are really needed,” said Kerns, a surgeon who teaches and practices in the faculty of medicine from the University of California at San Francisco. He plans to fly to Wichita, Kansas, when his schedule allows.

This situation caused hundreds of men and women to take to the streets of the US to protest the Supreme Court ruling that eliminates the right to abortion.

Clinics in the US look for alternatives

More than half of the states in the country could soon have laws that ban or severely restrict abortion. The Supreme Court of the United States decided to revoke the right to abortion

In some cases, clinics are relocating in nearby states that are likely to protect abortion rights.

Others are developing legal strategies to circumvent the restrictions and helping people identify how to get abortions in different states. And at clinics in states like California, where women are likely to travel for the procedure, preparations are underway to add services and staff.

More than half of the states of the country they could soon have laws banning or severely restricting abortion after Friday’s ruling.

Thirteen states already have the calls triggering lawsor abortion bans that take effect quickly after federal protections are removed, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights.

In other states with activation laws, clinics are already in the process of stopping abortions. Even before the Roe vs. Wade decisiona state ban in Oklahoma forced clinics to stop taking appointments for the procedure.

Clinics run by Planned Parenthood in Utah, another state with an activation law, said will remain open as long as possible, hoping to use the legal system to delay or overturn bans passed by lawmakers.

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Court ruling prompts six states to ban abortion

The Supreme Court of the United States decided to revoke the right to abortion

An hour after the Supreme Court of the United States decided to revoke the right to abortiondifferent states made the decision to prohibit women from having an abortion, thus formalizing the decision approved in the morning, where the “Roe vs. Wade case” was dismissed.

Faced with this situation, and having the green light from the country’s highest justice body, states such as Kentucky, Louisiana, and South Dakota they decided to take a step forward and formalize their ban immediately.

There are also cases of Texas, Idaho and Tennesseestates where the approval has already been given, but it will not begin to be applied until within 30 days, when the laws regarding this issue will begin to harden.

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