After abusing botox, and becoming a man, actress Ninel Conde returns to Televisa

A beautiful Mexican actress and singer, who became a man on Televisa and left everyone in shock with her transformation, appears on the networks of the show Hoy.

On this occasion, we are talking about the beautiful Ninel Conde, who retired from soap operas to focus on music. However, she has recently been the victim of harsh criticism both for her physical appearance (as she is accused of abusing Botox) and for her interpretation of Provenza, a song by Colombian Karol G.

The so-called “Bombón Asesino” began his career in the 90s. However, he later switched to TV Azteca, where he participated in melodramas such as “Catalina y Sebastián” and “Como en el cine.”

The physical change of Ninel Conde

In 2004 she returned to the ranks of San Ángel and acted in projects such as Rebelde and “Fuego en la Sangre.” However, she has not done a telenovela there for five years since she retired from fiction to dedicate herself to her music and publishing exclusive content on a well-known platform.

As if that wasn’t enough, this actress has been harshly criticized recently for allegedly abusing surgeries and face enhancements (there have even been memes about her drastic physical change).

But now she is appearing on Hoy’s networks after surprising everyone with her transformation into a man, after being the Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny in Televisa’s reality show “Tu Cara me Suena” and “El Retador,” where she had a great kiss with Lupillo Rivera.

Ninel Conde imitates Karol G

Ninel Conde and Karol G

Not long ago, Ninel appeared on the morning show’s Twitter account after she performed a cover of Provenza, a song by Colombian Karol G, in one of her concerts.

It should be noted that although it is one of the hits of the moment, Ninel Conde’s performance was not well received by Karol’s fans, who lashed out at Ninel in the clip, which went viral on social networks.