After becoming a mother, Halsey has little interest in her upcoming art projects.

Singer Halsey is delighted to have released her latest album, the acclaimed If I can’t have love, I want power, shortly before making her maternity debut with the birth – last July – of her little Ender Ridley. Now the American artist is absolutely focused on raising her son and has little time and interest to devote to her next art projects.

The music star also assured that her work as a composer, and even the prospect of getting back on stage, is something very “boring” for her today, taking into account that her daily life with her son offers her enough challenges and strong emotions.

In a more poetic way, the arrival in the world of his first offspring also led to the death of his “ego”, in his own words, since the well-being of the child is right now the only thing that keeps him awake at night.
“I know the guilt complex from going back to work will be a beast I have to deal with, but at the moment I am not concerned. Also, the beauty of it all is that I will create music again when I really want to. Currently my only great goal is to be the best mother possible, and the rest will come ”, she explained. Halsey in conversation with the magazine Billboard.

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