After being reported missing, a young woman is found dead in a barn in the USA

United States.- The young Jessie Wilfongwho was reported missing last May of the current year, was found lifeless inside a barn in Missouri, United States.

It was on May 25, 2022 when Kathy Wilfong reported to the US authorities the non-location of her 21-year-old daughter, almost a week after the last time she saw her in her home located in Millersville.

Supposedly, Jessi would have been reunited with her uncle, Lawrence Shanda, and his girlfriend, Teresa L. Baumgartner, the night she was last seen alive, when she was recorded by surveillance cameras arriving at her relative’s residence, but in the recordings she is not seen leaving said place. It was also reported that her cell phone signal stopped broadcasting the same night she disappeared.

Unfortunately for her, the 21-year-old’s mother did not immediately realize that something was wrong, since the two lived in different residences. It wasn’t until she realized that Jessi had not been active on social media when he became suspicious, since Wilfong was someone who used to constantly update his virtual platforms.

According to what has been disclosed, on June 15, investigators from the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff’s Office Thanks to information that was not disclosed to the public, they arrived at a house located in the town that belongs to Lawrence Schanda and Teresa L. Baumgartner.

In the American residence, the authorities discovered that the carpet in the living room had been removed from its place, so they began to suspect that there could be something hidden at the scene.

“Based on the evidence collected and other information obtained from the investigative process, foul play was suspected to be involved in Ms. Wilfong’s disappearance,” Sheriff Ruth Ann Dickerson said in a press release.

Three days later, on June 18, security agents were taken to a barn “very close” to the house of the uncle and his partner, where they found that part of the floor had recently been removed. Later, in that same place, Jessi’s body was discovered.

On June 20 the case was declared as homicidewhile on June 21 Baumgartner was arrested being accused of having manipulated physical evidence in an investigation of a serious crime.

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While, Lawrence Schanda has not yet been arrested or linked to the case.although on June 8 he told the agents that he had verbally argued with his niece in May of this year after she allegedly informed the authorities about his illegal drug activities.

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