After ending up in the asylum and leaving soap operas, the actress returned to Televisa

A beautiful and talented soap opera actress stopped appearing on the small screen for 14 years, her whereabouts is a mystery, but they assure that she returned to Televisaso in AmericanPost.News We share with you who it is.

And it is that the actress disappeared without a trace, although she appeared on the social networks of the “Hoy” program. At the time, they speculated that she ended up in the asylum and that she allegedly left the small screen due to a terrible illness, since it is about Adela Noriega.

We remember that it was in 2008 that she starred in her last soap opera on the San Ángel television station, the melodrama “Fire in the blood” was placed as one of the most watched soap operas, but after that project, nothing was known about the Mexican actress, who now has 52 years old.

Did Adela Noriega return to Televisa?

The telenovela “Amor real” is broadcast on TlNovelas The actress and Marlene Favela Small screen actress

It is worth mentioning that the actress achieved fame for her unforgettable characters in telenovelas such as: “Quinceañera”, “El manantial”, “El privilege de amar”, “María Isabel”, “The virgin wife” and “Real love”, this telenovela for surprise of the fans has returned to air.

Although it is not active on social networks, the TlNovelas Channel has once again rebroadcast one of the soap operas starring the actress, they even recently announced that they will extend its duration with 2 chapters starting next Monday, June 27.

The actress and Marlene Favela Actress of the small screen

In addition, the social networks of the “Hoy” program compared the famous woman with someone who looks like the famous woman, since Marlene Favela She is a very pretty and beautiful actress, so the resemblance to Noriega is surprising.

We remember that at the time, they speculated that he underwent several surgeries and that they would have disfigured him, rumors also arose that the Televisa actress was in the asylum for a toxic romance, but the actress’s sister denied the rumors and assured that she he is in good health.

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What is the real Instagram of Adela Noriega

small screen actress

Users have questioned what is the Instagram of the actress Adela Noriega, because so far she has not appeared on networks, although users have created several profiles on social networks to share photos of the memory, as she captivated her fans with soap operas through the television company.

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