After her painful divorce, Adele confesses that she misses being married


Photo: Christian Petersen / Getty Images

It has been two years since Adele divorced from Simon Konecki, father of his son Angelo, and some might think that the music star – who opens up extensively on the subject on his new album 30– you don’t really want to have the experience of living as a married woman again.

Nothing is further from reality, since the singer herself acknowledged in her last interview that she misses marriage a lot, although hers with Konecki did not work and caused her great suffering. a posteriori. The British woman pointed out that she misses the “security” that the idea of ​​sharing her day-to-day life with the one who was then the love of her life made her feel, so He does not rule out trying his luck again in those fields.

“I am definitely open to the idea of ​​marriage. The feeling I had when I was married was that I was sure, I had never felt like this before. Sadly, it didn’t work, but I miss being married ”, confessed the multi-award-winning artist as she passed through the station. Sirius XM.

The famous vocalist, who currently maintains a discreet relationship with the representative of athletes Rich paulShe also delved into the attitude that defined both her ex-husband and her within the framework of their traumatic separation, a process that was carried out from the most absolute cordiality and in a civilized manner.

“I think it’s all about sitting down like two grown-ups and starting to talk about how they are going to separate their lives. You have to be respectful and calm, because otherwise nothing will be solved. I think that with 30 years it is useless to blame or make comparisons, “argued Adele.

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