After launching the program they accuse him of ‘traitor’

  • Jorge Bernal celebrated the new program of José Díaz Balart
  • “I admire you and wish you even more success in your career,” Bernal wrote on social networks
  • His followers accused him of ‘betraying’ the Cubans

NOT EVERYTHING IS SO GOOD FOR DÍAZ BALART. When his colleague Jorge Bernal wrote a great dedication to José Díaz Balart to celebrate the new success he is developing in his new program on MSNBC, the followers go against him, accusing him of ‘betraying’ the Cubans at the time care you give to your home country.


In social networks, the Cuban’s congratulations to his friend became controversial due to the large number of negative comments he is receiving. José Díaz Balart has become an ‘uncomfortable’ figure for some of the compatriots who watch his programs, due to the fact that he does not give an opinion on the events that take place on the island.

José Díaz Balart accusation: Jorge Bernal’s congratulations

José Díaz Balart accusation: Jorge Bernal's congratulations
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Through social networks, the television presenter Jorge Bernal wrote an affectionate dedication to his friend José Díaz Bernal mentioning how proud he was to see him perform one of his successes. The Cuban journalist responded to the dedication by thanking his friend for the words he offered him and how happy he was with his support.

Although the moment was emotional, Bernal’s followers did not hesitate to express their displeasure against the journalist, mentioning that he had betrayed the Cubans and that he was a swindler with his public, because he had not supported his ‘people’ in the moments of greatest need and that that was one of the many reasons why they could not be happy with the presenter. Filed Under: José Díaz Balart indictment

José Díaz Balart accusation: “Such good people as a journalist”

José Díaz Balart accusation: "Such good people as a journalist"
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Jorge Bernal pointed out that José Díaz Balart is one of the best journalists and that for this reason, he wanted to express a few words to him about his new promotion in a program that was exclusive to him. The man posted three photographs in the company of the journalist, expressing his affection for him.

“Beyond being the figure that has informed us of what is happening in the world day after day, this man you see here is as good a person as he is a journalist,” the man wrote on social networks wanting to honor his career on television. that your friend and colleague has done, managing to get a program on television. Filed Under: José Díaz Balart indictment

José Díaz Balart accusation: “I admire you”

José Díaz Balart accusation: "I admire you"
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The television presenter explained that he felt great admiration for the journalist and mentioned that the only thing he could wish for is success in his new program on the MSNBC network and for that reason, he wanted to write to his friend about how incredible it was for him. him seeing him fulfill one of his biggest dreams.

“José Díaz, my brother, it goes without saying that I admire you and wish you even more success in your career. For those who do not know, José joins the MSNBC network with his own program José Díaz-Balart Reports“, He wrote on his Instagram profile pointing out the great success of the Cuban journalist. Filed Under: José Díaz Balart indictment

José Díaz Balart accusation: “You are a machine”

José Díaz Balart accusation: "You are a machine"
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Jorge Bernal mentioned that José Díaz is one of the few journalists to be able to work in three networks in English and Spanish, so he should become a great source of pride for others. Likewise, he pointed out that he was one of his dear friends and that he was very happy to be able to express the good news with his audience.

“And so, that way he becomes the first journalist to work for three networks in English and Spanish! tell me something! I love you brother! you’re a machine! ”, the television presenter concluded in the description of the photographs he shared with his audience, where he appears in the company of Díaz Belart. Filed Under: José Díaz Balart indictment

José Díaz Balart accusation: “He is not interested in anything related to Cuba”

José Díaz Balart accusation: "He is not interested in anything related to Cuba"
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In social networks, the followers of the television presenter expressed their annoyance against the journalist, mentioning that he had “betrayed” the Cubans and even assured that he is not interested in anything related to his country of origin. Therefore, several users began to express their ‘anger’ with Díaz Belart.

“He is not a saint of devotion of many Cubans because he does not care about anything related to Cuba or any other Cuban, he is so different from his brothers that he is like the black sheep, because even a democratic communist he is,” wrote a follower of Jorge Bernal on social media, feeling disappointed in the journalist. Filed Under: José Díaz Balart indictment

“It does not cause pride”

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According to Internet users, they mentioned that José Díaz is not interested in anything that has to do with Cubans or the island, so they should not feel pride in a journalist like him. In addition, they stressed that the journalist only mentions news that is related to Mexicans or a Latin American country.

“But there is no point in pride if he is not interested in Cubans or you have ever heard him say something about Cuba or about a Cuban. Not only Mexicans and other Central Americans so he doesn’t give me anything, he is different from his brothers, remember that he is a family of Fidel Castro and blood runs through his veins as a Communist ”, mentioned a user.

The show that premieres

Cuban journalist
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Cuban-born journalist José Díaz-Balart, winner of four Emmy Awards, will have his own news program on the MSNBC cable channel starting next September 27, without leaving his nightly newscast on NBC, but the one he hosts on the Hispanic network Telemundo.

According to a release press release, “José Díaz-Balart Reports” will air on MSNBC Monday through Friday at 10 am ET. The well-known journalist will continue to host NBC Nightly News on Saturdays and take on a broader role on Noticias Telemundo, hosting monthly specials and breaking news on all platforms.

Leave Telemundo

josé diaz balart
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However, at the end of this month it will stop presenting the nightly newscast, “Noticias Telemundo,” reported the Efe agency. Díaz-Balart, 60, and brother of Republican Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart, thus becomes the only news anchor to host newscasts on both cable television and broadcast television in English and Spanish.

“I am excited to play this unique role, in which I can reach different audiences in English and Spanish throughout the entire NBCUniversal News Group and Telemundo,” the renowned journalist said in the statement. Rashida Jones, president of MSNBC, highlighted the trust and admiration she has in Díaz-Balart, with whom she worked in the presidential debates of the 2020 election campaign.

The only one to achieve such success

Jose Diaz Balart
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“His expertise in political affairs, his passion for the trade, and his commitment to presenting the news correctly are conveyed every time he is on the air. I’m excited that he brings that back to the network every day, ”Jones said.

For the president of Noticias Telemundo, Luis Fernández, Díaz-Balart has shown throughout his career “an unwavering commitment to covering the stories and issues that impact the Latino community in the United States.”

Has reported the most important stories

josé diaz balart
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A pioneer in the news industry, Díaz-Balart was the first journalist to host two separate nightly newscasts on separate television networks in English and Spanish, when he took over the Saturday edition of “NBC Nightly News,” in 2016.

From 2014 to 2016 he hosted the MSNBC program “The Rundown with José Díaz-Balart” and served as the channel’s daytime host. Díaz-Balart began his journalism career in 1983 and has reported many of the most important news in recent years, including presidential elections in the United States and Latin America.

Winner of several awards

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In addition to moderating various presidential debates, he has interviewed every US president since Ronald Reagan, as well as hundreds of today’s leading figures, political leaders, and opinion leaders. He joined Noticias Telemundo in 2000, where he has hosted multiple programs, including “Esta Mañana”, “Hoy en el Mundo” and “Encuentra con José Díaz-Balart”. In 2009, he assumed the position of main presenter of “Noticias Telemundo”.

He has received numerous accolades for his work, including four Emmy Awards, the George Foster Peabody Award, the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Hispanic Federation, and the Broadcast & Cable / Multichannel News Award for Achievement. Outstanding on Hispanic Television. The journalist Jorge Ramos has not commented on the news, however, it could explode at the announcement since José Díaz Balart has achieved what no other journalist of Hispanic origin has been able to.