After leaving a Polanco nightclub, businessman Iñigo Arenas Saiz was found dead in Naucalpan

This morning, President López Obrador confirmed in his daily conference the discovery of his lifeless body.
  1. Iñigo Arenas Saiz’s mysterious disappearance from a Polanco club leads to a city-wide search, stirring public concern.
  2. Tragically, his lifeless body emerges in a Naucalpan establishment, causing shockwaves through the community.
  3. Authorities dive into a complex investigation, weighing potential homicide while details surrounding his death remain uncertain.

Iñigo Arenas Saiz, 41, was reported missing after he was last seen at a nightclub in Polanco, Mexico City. Dressed in jeans and a gray plaid shirt, he was spotted in a club on República de Masaryk in the Miguel Hidalgo district. This was around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, August 6; by Monday morning, his whereabouts remained a mystery.

Javier Diaz’s social network publications painted a concerning image. He revealed that businessman Arenas Saiz was escorted out of the nightclub due to his evident inebriation, even attempting to gain entry to other venues. A video subsequently emerged, showing a staggering Arenas Saiz near the nightclub, visibly intoxicated.

As concern grew, those close to Arenas Saiz initiated a frantic search, disseminating details and particulars across various social platforms. They were desperate for information about his sudden and unexplained disappearance.

On the morning of Monday, August 7, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed the worst fears: Arenas Saiz was found dead. However, the president was cautious about the details. “Yes, dead… later. The Prosecutor’s Office will provide the information,” he remarked in his daily conference.

Arenas Saiz disappeared during the early hours of the morning (Photo Twitter/@JavierDiazBravo).
Arenas Saiz disappeared during the early morning hours (Photo Twitter/@JavierDiazBravo).

What did he die of?

The president of the organization Reinserta, Saskia Niño de Rivera, reported that the body of Arenas Saiz had been found lifeless. Preliminary accounts suggested that he might have ventured to another spot in Naucalpan after leaving the Polanco nightclub.

In the same category:

It was there, near the emergency exit of the Black Royce bar on Boulevard Manuel Avila Camacho, in the San Andres Atoto neighborhood of Naucalpan, that the lifeless body of Iñigo Arenas Saiz was found. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Naucalpan reported that an investigation had been launched for the potential crime of homicide.

Search record of the Attorney General's Office CDMX (Photo: FGJCDMX)
Search record of the Attorney General’s Office CDMX (Photo: FGJCDMX)

A troubling detail emerged from an activist’s report, suggesting that the businessman may have died from broncho-aspiration. However, as of now, this claim has not been validated by the Mexico City District Attorney’s Office.

Emergency services, once alerted, arrived at the Black Royce bar and confirmed the grim news: Iñigo Arenas Saiz displayed no signs of life.

With the investigation underway, the justice department, led by Ernestina Godoy, announced they were meticulously reviewing all available information pertaining to the case.