After months Vladimir Putin will make his first trip abroad

It will be this Tuesday, June 28, when the Russian president, Vladimir Putinmake your first trip abroad since the invasion began Ukraine at the end of February.

Putin will go to Tajikistanwhich is a former Soviet republic in Central Asia, according to the Russian president’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskovis about a visit for workthis would be your first destination.

Since on Wednesday, June 29, the Russian president has on his agenda a trip to Turkmenistanto be present at a summit of the countries of the Caspian Seahis last trip abroad was on February 4 and 5 when he went to China to meet with his counterpart Xi Jinping.

The reduced trips that Vladimir Putin has had

The reduced trips that Vladimir Putin has had Vladimir Putin’s health

Since the pandemic began Covid-19 the Russian president’s travels were considerably limited, so much so that he only did three timesbetween February 2020 and February this year.

The first in June 2021 when he met with the president of the United States, Joe Bidenin Geneva, another in December 2021 with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modiin New Delhi and the last one went to BeijingChina.

Due to this care that the president of Russia has had, since he was recently caught sweating and grimacing, rumors about his state of health have grown.

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Vladimir Putin’s health

Vladimir Putin’s health

Given the speculation about the health of Vladimir Putinthe Russian government through a statement has denied that their ruler is going through some medical problem.

This despite the fact that he has been caught shaking uncontrollably as well as making a considerable effort for standing upexperts assure that it may be cancer and Parkinson’s.

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