After more than a decade absent: Anahí was the surprise guest of the Karol G concert in Mexico

Last Saturday, June 11, at the Mexico City Arena, something surprising happened, although many already saw it coming: it was an incredible experience for all those who paid for their tickets to see the show that Karol G had prepared.

The Colombian has always shown that she is a big fan of RBD and at various times she has stated on Instagram that over the years she keeps alive the greatest successes that the group had at that time and what better way to demonstrate it than by inviting one of its members to the scenery.

Anahí, who was part of the RBD series and group, said that the interpreter of “Tusa” was present at the aforementioned show. The screams made the place reverberate, because it was a great emotion for those present to be able to see her again on stage doing one of the things that she loved for so long.

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The scenery was prepared with images of Anahí, and while they were filming, she showed her gratitude to everyone who was on site. Subsequently, accompanied by ‘La Bichota’, she sang a classic of the group such as ‘Sálvame’.

The Mexican thanked the interpreter of ‘Punto G’ for the invitation to the show, and she also told her that she loves her, and she felt immensely grateful for the experience that she had to live after so long. Apparently the fans continue with her love intact before the classics of that stage that marked so many young people of that time.

“It is a very emotional moment because I am a super fan and she (Anahí) was very nervous about coming because she said she didn’t know if people were going to respond. I told her that this moment was going to be so epic that she was never going to repeat it,” said ‘La Bichota’ before singing along with the Mexican.

The interpreter of ‘Provenza’ thanked Anahí, as she assures that at this stage of her life she has “fulfilled her dream”, as well as everything he experienced at that time, and that is that he felt that his “little heart wanted to get out”.

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