After Napoli-Barcelona, ​​Xavi was delighted with a footballer from the Italian team and will seek to sign him for next summer

Xavi Hernández must already think of a substitute for Piqué, since the center-back becomes more veteran every day and is important for the team have a quality central defender who can replace him when he is not there.

In that sense, the confrontation against Napoli for the round of 32 of the Europa League served as an illumination for the Spanish strategistas he found the ideal candidate to reinforce the defense in the Italian team.

With a superlative participation in the first leg, Kalidou Koulibaly, who has already been in the sights of important clubs in Europe, aroused Xavi’s interest, as was reported by the journalist from Catalunya Radio, Ricard Torquemada.

The center of 30 years, who recently won the African Cup with Senegalis one of the referents in defense of Napoli and he is valued as one of the best defenders in Serie A in Italy.

Unfortunately for Barcelona there is a detail that complicates the transaction a bit, and that is that the Senegalese has one year left on his contract with his teamand given that the club plans to put all its efforts into the summer market to try to sign Haaland, it is unlikely that they will be able to spend a significant amount of money for Koulibaly, unless Napoli are willing to negotiate.

Koulibaly has already rejected important offers from teams such as PSG and Manchester City in the past, however, there seems to be a certain attraction with Barcelona. In fact, before the match between Barcelona-Napoli at the Camp Nou, the Italian newspaper ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ published the Spanish team’s interest in the Senegalese defender.

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