After recovering from Covid-19, Eduardo Verástegui explodes on social networks and launches a controversial message

Mexico.- A few days ago the anti-vaccine actor Eduardo Verástegui He revealed that he had tested positive for Covid-19, a disease from which he has already recovered satisfactorily, but which has made him explode after the comments made to him on social networks.

The actor was harshly attacked by Internet users after revealing that he was positive for the virus, which made him explode and take everything out through tweets, which went viral and continued to give a lot to talk about.

“I did not inject myself, he gave me Covid-19 and I have already overcome it. Now I am stronger than ever. Do not be envious, they wanted me to go wrong, I’m sorry, it went very well and I am 100,” the actor wrote on Twitter , insisting in other messages that he has not been vaccinated against Covid-19 and does not intend to do so.

After expressing his opinion and discussing with his followers, Eduardo Verástegui took advantage of the attention he had to talk about climate change, assuring that everything was a big lie and that the planet should not be taken care of, it unleashed a strong controversy.

Once again, the actor is in the eye of the hurricane for expressing his opinion and many of his followers are denouncing his publications on the platform so that they close their account once and for all, remember that for some time it was suspended and he crossed out Twitter of not allowing freedom of expression.

Eduardo Verástegui, an anti-vaccine actor

Recall that in October the actor revealed that he was an anti-vaccine person and that he did not trust those who were behind them, sending a worrying message to his followers, where he even involved beings from the underworld.

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