After the death of his mother, Humberto Zurita dedicated a moving letter to Christian Bach

Christian Bach died on February 26, 2019 due to respiratory arrest (Photo: Instagram)

A few days after the death of his mother, Mrs. Guadalupe Moreno, Humberto Zurita has reappeared on social networks to commemorate with some anticipation the third death anniversary of his wife Christian Bach.

The remembered protagonist of the jackal passed away on February 26, 2019 at age 59presumably due to respiratory arrest, although the family has since chosen not to give more details of the death of the one born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In a lengthy letter posted on his Instagram account, the actor from the queen of the south He expressed that he feels calm when he feels the presence day by day in dreams of the woman with whom he had a marriage of more than three decades and with whom he procreated his two children Emiliano and Sebastian.

The Zurita family suffered the irreparable loss of the actress Christian Bach;  Since then, her widower and her children have remembered her before the media (Photo: Instagram)
The Zurita family suffered the irreparable loss of the actress Christian Bach; Since then, her widower and her children have remembered her before the media (Photo: Instagram)

“Christian, three years have passed since your departure and today I have a big smile on my face, I have your love in my eyes, peace in my heart. With you I weathered the storms. With you I flourished and you are in all my dreams; When I close my eyes and imagine you, a big smile is drawn on my face and I remember every moment we live together, “he wrote the actor of Centaur’s mistress.

At the bottom of the image the remembered actress, model and theater producer, characterized as his character Magdalena Mendoza in the iconic soap opera hate weddingsfrom 1983, the actor added in his emotional message:

“It’s amazing that you’re still life to me. Angel of my guardian do not stop giving me your sweet company. Give light to my path and happiness to my days seeing my children flourish through their eyes and, from wherever you are; watch them enjoy their achievements and fulfilled desires.”

Christian Bach Humberto Zurita
With an image of the actress characterized as her character from “Hate Weddings”, Humberto remembered her with a long letter Photo: Screenshot

Before his more than 423 thousand followers, Zurita, 67 years old He highlighted: “Keep lighting up my days, so that every morning, when I wake up, life allows me to take you to my mouth with every breath to learn to say your name full of pride; that my heart spills the love with which you marked my life and that I can share it with every living being on earth. Life without love is meaningless.”

The man born in Torreón, Coahuila, wrote the significant date his wife died: “Light, Heat, Woman, Mother, Children, Love, Harmony, From the Universe, Happy Anniversary”, and the date of what will be the third anniversary of death from Christian Bach“2/26/2022″.

“And yes, I got lost in time, because I always anticipate looking for a photo and some words for you on your tragic anniversary. And today I especially missed a reading I had to wake up late. And I just thought of you and I realize that time for you is no longer the same.

(Capture: @zuritahm/Instagram)
Message from Humberto Zurita in honor of his mother (Capture: @zuritahm/Instagram)

“So asking you to be with me today is something very special that makes me see that you are always in my soul and in my heart. Today I have the opportunity to greet you by this means and make the people who love you participate in one more day with us. I love you”, she finished.

Just last January 15, Zurita shared the death of her mother at the age of 95, and in her insta stories He posted photographs of the lady: “Life without love has no meaning. Fly high, angel of my life”, reads one of his images. In another, the actor’s mother is seen with a bouquet of flowers and the message “You will always live in my heart.” “Go and light up the sky as you lit up my life, heart,” reads another of the photos where Guadalupe Moreno is sitting in front of a body of water.


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