After threat of taxes on the unvaccinated in Quebec, thousands flock to get vaccinated against Covid

In Quebec, thousands of people are coming to request their Covid vaccine.

Photo: Leon Neal / Getty Images

In Quebec, Canada, thousands of people are requesting the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, after the authorities of the province announced that they are analyzing imposing a special tax on those who are not immunized because they affect public finances, reported the EFE agency.

Initially, governments and companies around the world used significant incentives to convince their inhabitants of the importance of being immunized against the coronavirus, and they did not always obtain the best results.

But apparently the measure to impose taxes has been more convincing, as the Minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Dubé, announced this Wednesday that appointments to receive first doses continue to increase and that after add about 5,000 on Monday, the figure rose to 7,000 on Tuesday.

According to the information, only on Tuesday, Quebec administered 107,000 vaccines against Covid-19.

And it is that the provincial prime minister, Francois Legault, recently announced that he is considering the implementation of a tax on $ 100 Canadian dollars (about $ 79.50 US dollars) for those people who are not vaccinated, due to the cost that their treatment entails for the health system if they become infected with Covid-19.

According to Legault, 10% of the population has not been inoculated in the province and 50% of people admitted to hospitals for Covid-19 are patients who are not vaccinated and it is not fair that all of society should pay the cost of their decision not to be immunized.

The proposal came at a time when the Canadian health system is saturated by the sharp increase in Covid-19 cases because of the Omicron variant.

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, was reluctant to support the Quebec measure, but did not criticize it either. During a press conference in Ottawa, Trudeau declared that he had received the Québec proposal, but that he needed to have more elements to express an opinion.

Trudeau explained that federal authorities have already implemented “tough measures” to encourage vaccination in the country, such as prohibiting the unimmunized to travel by plane or train, or force all federal officials to receive the vaccinations.

The Civil Liberties Association of Canada called the measure “divisive” and noted that it may be unconstitutional and other organizations that work with minorities accuse that the Quebec proposal may increase inequalities in the face of the pandemic and disproportionately affect people of color. or the indigenous.

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