Age of Maribel Guardia in 2022

The age of Maribel Guardia it is currently 62 yearsher full name is Maribel del Rocío Fernández García and she was born in San José on May 29, 1959stands out for being a beautiful Costa Rican actress, singer and television host.

Maribel Guardia was married to the Mexican singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian, separating from him in the middle of recording the soap opera that both starred in Tú y yo in (1996), their marriage lasted just 4 years and they had 1 child together.

If you want to know the photo of Maribel Guardia when she was 19 years old and participated in Miss Universe, then AmericanPost.News shares more about his personal biography.

Age of Maribel Guardia in Miss Universe

Maribel Guardia in Miss Universe Husband of Maribel Guardia

Maribel Guardia’s career began as a model participating in the Miss Costa Rica pageant at the beginning of the year 1978, at the age of 19, where she managed to obtain the title and, with it, the right to represent her native country that same year in the international Miss Universe contest based in Acapulco, Mexico, where she won the title of Miss photogenic awarded then by the international and Mexican press gathered at the event.

For its part, the Mexican television company Televisa offered him, as a result of the recognition obtained by his participation in Miss Universe, a scholarship to study acting, singing and dancing at the Sergio Bustamante Academy, today the Center for Artistic Education.

What are Maribel Guardia’s surgeries?

According to a renowned surgeon, the actress has so far performed at least 5 surgeries. The procedures she underwent were: rhinoplasty (nose), mammoplasty (it is breast augmentation), mastopexy (breast lift), rhytidectomy (which removes excess skin on the face) and liposculpture (it is the remodeling of the silhouette through a significant extraction of fat).

As if this were not enough, he also mentioned that Maribel Guardia has been some botox treatments sporadic to stay young. If you want to see it for yourself, visit Maribel Guardia’s instagram and tell us what you think.

Who is the current husband of Maribel Guardia?

Husband of Maribel Guardia

Maribel Guardia’s muscular husband is called Marco Chacon, who works as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property, legal consulting and artistic promotion, is a representative of Julián Figueroa, son of Maribel and Sebastian. At 51 years of age, Maribel Guardia met love again and the happy couple decided to get married in 2010.

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